Billionaire God of War Chapter 1945

Chapter 1945

Reagan knew that besides losing a bunch of bodyguards, he hadn’t gained anything from coming into the mountains this time.

All he saw was the prowess of Keats.

It seemed like Keats had purposely let him come along to see for himself how powerful Keats was, and to show him that Keats was more terrifying than anything else in the world.

Even those crazy looking wolves earlier were afraid of him, so it was a clear sign of how frightening this Keats was.

Reagan didn’t dare to say anything, because he knew that whether the Salos lived or died depended on what Keats said.

Reagan was grateful to him in the beginning, but there were plenty of people who repaid good with evil anyway.

He didn’t say anything and just followed Keats out.

Not too far away.

The cemetery caretaker was still lying on the ground, and his broken arm continued to bleed profusely, so he became weaker and weaker.

His gaze was slowly losing focus and he felt that everything looked dimmer now.

“The demons…the demons are going to come out…” murmured the cemetery caretaker with indignation in his eyes.

He felt like a person seemed to be walking towards him, but it was too dark to see who that person was.

But the murderous aura coming from that person was very real!

He was going to die, but he wasn’t going to know who killed him.

The cemetery caretaker laughed sadly and lost consciousness again.

“Even though the page of the manual you had is gone, you must know a thing or two.”

What a familiar voice. It was Krishan!

He had been around all this time and had followed behind everyone. But he hid his tracks and nobody discovered him.

He pulled out a letter and gently shook it. “So that’s really the case. Both the darkness and the light were supposed to be on guard outside the mountain gate because you two were sinners. You want to atone for your sins, but someone else has ambitions.”

Krishan narrowed his eyes. “Everything I want to know about what’s in there will begin with you.”

He walked over but suddenly stopped after taking two steps. The murderous look on his face intensified immediately.

“If you don’t want to die, then get lost!” He spun around violently and spat these words icily as he watched more than ten figures appear from the darkness.

It was the wolves!

“We’re taking this man,” said Harkness calmly.

He looked at Krishan with a few throwing knives between his fingers, ready to attack anytime.

The wolves were all in position as well. If they had to fight, they were ready to!


No one was afraid of that!

“You think you’re good enough to snatch him away from me?” Krishan scoffed in disdain.

Brother Geoff didn’t say anything and just raised his hand.

Fireworks suddenly flew into the sky and immediately lit the whole place up.

The entire place was illuminated by the bright fireworks and they could clearly see the expression on Krishan’s face.

Krishan looked at them and his face immediately paled.

All the wolves had explosives tied around their bodies.

“If we die and take you along with us as well, it’ll still be a gain to us,” said Brother Geoff calmly. “You still have ten seconds to make your choice.”

After he said this, he held up the detonator and the rest did the same thing as Brother Geoff.

They were all surrounding Krishan, so if they pressed the button, then Krishan was dead meat!

Krishan clenched his teeth and looked at the wolves as if they were all mad.

He knew these people were really unafraid of dying. He also knew that these people would try to drag him down with them in order to kill him!

But he didn’t think that the wolves would be this insane.

“For the sake of Ethan, you’re willing to even throw your lives away?!”

“You have five seconds.” Brother Geoff continued to look calmly at Krishan and couldn’t even be bothered to reply to him.

He didn’t care about how Krishan was some super highly skilled fighter or some invincible martial artist. As long as he didn’t cooperate, everyone was going to die today!


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