Billionaire God of War Chapter 1946

Chapter 1946

That disdainful look in Brother Geoff’s eyes made Krishan very angry, but he didn’t dare to hesitate any longer.

These men were all nutcases! They were all nuts!

“Humph!” Krishan scoffed coldly and decided against taking the cemetery caretaker with him. He tapped the ground with his foot lightly and disappeared into the darkness.

Harkness remained vigilant.

Scheming fellows like Krishan might suddenly turn around and kill them all.

After a long time, he nodded. “He’s gone pretty far, but everyone, keep a lookout.”

The wolves immediately ran over to the cemetery caretaker.

“Dress his wound and don’t let him die on the way down. Let’s go!”

Nobody dared to stay for too long in this dangerous place. They quickly dressed the cemetery caretaker’s wounds, salvaged his severed arm and left the deep mountains as quickly as possible.

The sky was just beginning to brighten up when they returned to the Drake house, and all of them felt like a heavy burden had been lifted off their shoulders.

“Brother Geoff! All of you are back!” Evan hadn’t slept a wink.

After the wolves entered the deep mountains, they had lost contact with Evan and Evan kept feeling an urge to run in to look for them.

“It’s really dangerous there. Before we got to the place where the earthquake happened, we found him and decided to treat him first. We’re going to leave Minstrel Mount and return to Greencliff first.”

Brother Geoff glanced at the cemetery caretaker. If they delayed any further, this old man was going to die.

Evan immediately summoned doctors in to have a look at the old man.

There was no way that even the most genius of doctors among the eight reclusive clans could connect his arm back to his shoulder. These doctors were very advanced in medical knowledge, but there was nothing they could do about that.

After a long time of emergency treatment, they managed to ensure the cemetery caretaker’s survival.

“There’s no way he can continue to travel in this state.” Harkness looked at the cemetery caretaker’s pale face. They had to be very careful in order to just keep this man alive, so if they tried to descend the mountain with him, that was as good as killing him right now.

He looked at Brother Geoff and Brother Geoff looked at Evan.

“Would it be safe to keep him here?”

Brother Geoff was mostly worried that Krishan would appear again. After all, the cemetery caretaker was very valuable to him.

He knew a lot of secrets behind the Extreme Fist Technique Manual, so even though the manual was gone, finding the cemetery caretaker was extremely helpful.

“No problem,” replied Evan quickly. “I will do my best to protect him and not let anybody take him away.”

Evan knew what Brother Geoff was worried about.

If Krishan really appeared, then even all of the Drake clan might not be enough to stop him. But now, all eight reclusive clans were united as one.

“Don’t worry, the eight reclusive clans have joined hands, so nobody can make any trouble for us here!” said the head of the Fortune clan coldly.

“That’s right. We’ve suffered once before and we won’t be fooled again. Leave the man here, we’ll take good care of him!” said the head of the Phoenix clan.

All of them got their clan’s Senior Elder to guard the place, so even if Krishan tried to come in, they had more than enough people to fight him.

“Alright.” Brother Geoff nodded. “Once he’s a little better, we’ll take him back to Greencliff.”

It was true that the safest place was always where Ethan was. But they didn’t know that Ethan was already inside Minstrel Mount.


Krishan was really indignant. Very indignant.

He was just about to get his hands on such an important source of information, but it had been snatched away from him. And it had been snatched away by all these people that he despised!

“That cemetery caretaker must be inside the Drake house.”

Krishan’s judgment was very accurate. Given the cemetery caretaker’s injuries, there was no way he would be well enough to descend Minstrel Mount. This was Krishan’s last chance.

“I must get more accurate information, and I must find out what lies behind the mountain gate!”

Without all this information, even if he finally made it through the mountain gate, he would have no idea what was waiting for him on the other side and he might end up dying instead…

As per the letter he had, a huge opportunity lay in wait behind the mountain door, but it was also a place filled with grave dangers!


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