Billionaire God of War Chapter 1947

Chapter 1947

Why did the eight reclusive clans reside in Minstrel Mount for so many years?

It was precisely for the sake of that opportunity that lay behind the mountain gate.

After a few centuries, everyone had already forgotten their original reason for living within Minstrel Mount.

Did they think that they were just trying to hide from the materialistic world or to be guardians?

They didn’t have the right to be guardians!

Krishan took out the letter in his hands. It was a handwritten record by the first head of the Drake clan.

The eight reclusive clans started off as a bunch of slaves when they were first forced to move to Minstrel Mount.

But one day, the mountain gate shook suddenly and the people who forced them to move into Minstrel Mount died. As a result, the eight reclusive clans had the chance to become independent and to stand on their own two feet again, so they also slowly carved out their own paths.

But so what?

The yawning gap between themselves and the possibilities that lay behind the mountain gap was way larger than anyone could imagine!

Back then, just a few people could maintain control of so many slaves because they had reached the pinnacle of their prowess. That sort of prowess could only be attained after entering the mountain.

It was just like the Extreme Fist Technique Manual!

Krishan narrowed his eyes.

“There’s an opportunity to attain unparalleled success before me, so which idiot would give up that chance?” He scoffed coldly, kept the letter away, then disappeared in a flash.

At the Drake house.

The security in this place was very tight.

All eight reclusive clans had sent out highly skilled fighters to surround the entire place.

Not even a rat could get in now!

“Our Senior Elders are all specially guarding the cemetery caretaker and won’t let anyone come close to him,” said the head of the Fortune clan.

He turned to Evan and frowned slightly. “We’re just a small step away from unravelling all the secrets of the manual, and I suddenly have a rather bad feeling about all of this.”

Evan didn’t say anything.

He had this feeling all along.

The closer one got to the truth, the more frightened one became.

This fear came from the unknown, and the secret behind the manual represented that unknown factor. Even though they were all highly skilled martial artists, they still couldn’t really imagine it.

“We will eventually find a solution to all our problems, don’t be too anxious,” said the head of the Phoenix clan.

They had lived for so many years, so there was almost nothing they hadn’t seen before.

Not only were the eight reclusive clans keeping watch, the highly skilled fighters in Greencliff’s Extreme Martial Arts Academy were all watching closely too.

On top of all that, the person backing the Extreme Martial Arts Academy was Ethan!

This was a man who was powerful enough to terrify every one of them.

“That’s right. If it’s definitely coming, then we won’t be able to block it, so we should just be prepared to face it.”

They all looked at the cemetery caretaker. Nobody knew what sort of secrets this man knew, and they didn’t know how these secrets might possibly change this world.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew in.

Evan’s expression darkened.

The doors and windows were shut, so where did this wind come from?

“Hold your breath! There’s poison in the air!” he shouted before holding his breath, and opening up all the doors and windows for better air circulation.

There was a faint fragrance in the air. It was Krishan!

He didn’t even bother to use a colorless or odorless poison. He purposely used one that was scented so as to tell everyone that he was back!

He was really too arrogant!

The Senior Elders of all eight clans stood in front of the cemetery caretaker to guard him and their gaze was cold.

“Krishan, stop hiding from us! You’re already so old, don’t you find yourself an embarrassment?” shouted the Senior Elder of the Fortune clan. “It’s time we settled all our feuds once and for all today!”

If not for Ethan’s help the last time, all the other reclusive clans might have been completely wiped out by Krishan and his brother back then.

This was an insult.

It was a major insult to them!

They had been waiting for a chance to take revenge.

“HAHAHA! You think you’re fit to talk to me?” came Krishan’s voice. He sounded both crazed and arrogant to the core. “To me, all of you are just juniors, and you have no right to talk to me about such things!”


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