Billionaire God of War Chapter 1949

Chapter 1949

Immediately after saying that, Krishan seemed to float up and become an illusion.

His body transformed and became like a mist. In the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of one of them and threw a punch out.

He was too fast!

He was so fast that he was a blur. Nobody could see his punches coming at all.

A loud bam was followed by the sound of bones cracking.

Then the sound of howls of pain.

Once one person collapsed, Krishan continued to find his next victim without waiting for them to realize what was happening.

“You have no idea how powerful the Extreme Fist Technique is!”

“You have no idea how long you’ve been living like frogs in a well!”

“You have no idea at all! I’m going to teach you today!”

Krishan swung his fists wildly and his speed had reached a point where nobody could really see him move anymore.

His punches were even faster!

He was like an explosive dragon in human form and didn’t seem like an old man at all. He delivered punch after punch, which caused a series of blasts.

All the Senior Elders tried their best to fight back, but it was futile.

In just seconds, all the Senior Elders were forced to retreat!

They were all severely injured and their eyes were filled with fear and horror.

The Senior Elder of the Fortune clan opened his mouth and spewed a mouthful of blood out as he stared at Krishan in disbelief.

He had never thought that Krishan would be powerful to this extent. This was really frightening!

Who could possibly stop him now?

Krishan didn’t even need to use poison anymore!

“Stop him!”

Evan took a step forward to stand in front of all the injured Senior Elders on the floor. His face was filled with stubbornness. “I’ll stop him!”

He knew he couldn’t stop Krishan.

In front of Krishan, he was nothing but an ant. It was so easy for Krishan to kill him.

But he wasn’t going to sit back either!

“Master Drake!” shouted out the Senior Elder of the Fortune clan through gritted teeth. “You’re no match for him, don’t die for nothing!”

He coughed violently and the blood that spewed from his mouth was bright red.

All the Senior Elders were badly injured and really couldn’t fight Krishan anymore. They knew that Krishan was still spreading poison in the air, so if they couldn’t keep enough strength to block the toxins from reaching their heart, they would die on the spot!

Damn it!

But Evan didn’t give way and spread his arms out to block Krishan’s way. “If he wants to kill you guys, he has to kill me first!”

The last time Krishan came to the Drake house to take something, he could have killed Evan but he didn’t, because he was afraid of Ethan.

Perhaps the same trick might work today.

Evan had no choice but to do this. He hoped that Krishan was still wary of Ethan, otherwise…nobody could stop Krishan today.

“Kill you?” Krishan narrowed his eyes and the coldness in his eyes intensified. “Did you think I wouldn’t dare to?”

Krishan appeared in front of Evan in an instant and grabbed Evan’s neck violently with one hand.

“AH!” Evan yelped.

“STOP! Stop it!”

“Krishan, stop it right now! Are you even going to kill your own descendant?!”

“Krishan, stop! If you kill Evan, Ethan will definitely come and kill you!”

All the Senior Elders were shouting away at Krishan.

“HAHAHA!” Krishan laughed coldly like a madman as he glanced at all of them disdainfully.

“Ethan? It’s true that I’m wary of what Ethan is capable of, but he’s not here today. What can he do once I kill all of you?”

Krishan narrowed his eyes and stared at Evan. “Did you think I wouldn’t dare to kill you just because Ethan is your master?”

“If there’s something I want, then nobody can take it away from me. Not even someone from my own family!”

Evan’s face was all red as Krishan lifted him off the ground with one hand and he was about to suffocate soon.

“If you…want to kill me…go ahead…” he struggled to speak through clenched teeth.

Krishan’s gaze grew even colder as he exerted more strength in his fingers. There was now blood on Evan’s neck!


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