Billionaire God of War Chapter 1951

Chapter 1951

The Senior Elders were all stunned.

They knew that Ethan was really formidable, and was terrifyingly powerful. But Krishan wasn’t weak either!

But it was clear that Ethan had no regard for Krishan at all.

Krishan had now comprehended a page of the manual and his prowess had improved by leaps and bounds!

But Ethan still didn’t have any regard for him whatsoever.

The expressions on everyone else’s faces made Krishan even more infuriated.

Ethan had shocked him into fear but he had to accept this reality. Otherwise, he would have broken Evan’s neck by now.

But he knew that Ethan was still way more powerful than he was. If he really killed Evan, then Ethan was definitely going to kill him. He had never felt this sort of fear before.

“You…” Krishan clenched his teeth. “Don’t go too far!”

He almost couldn’t believe he would say such a thing.

He was so powerful now but he was afraid that someone might bully him?

“Five, four, three…” Ethan didn’t seem to have heard Krishan at all and started counting down.

He had already said that if Krishan didn’t disappear in five seconds, he’d have to pay!

That was the attitude Ethan had towards him!

“Damn it!” Krishan was going crazy from his anger. He was shaking from the way the rest of the Senior Elders were looking at him.

They were clearly mocking him now!

The men whom he could have killed so easily earlier dared to laugh at him now?

Just because of one Ethan?

Did they really think that he couldn’t fight Ethan at all?

Krishan couldn’t stand it anymore. He tapped a foot on the floor and flew out like a bolt of lightning. He put in all his understanding of the Extreme Fist Technique and swung his punch towards Ethan.

He refused to believe that he had only understood the surface of it.

He refused to believe it!

The impact of the punch filled the air and the surge of the molecules in the air was actually visible to the eye. All the Senior Elders paled at this sight because it was simply too frightening.

Even Evan couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. Krishan was really a lot more powerful than he used to be.

None of the Senior Elders here would have been able to survive such a punch.

But Ethan remained standing where he was and his expression didn’t even flinch.

He just looked calmly at Krishan and threw a punch out suddenly.

This punch seemed so slow.

It seemed to be very light and without energy, but after the Senior Elders took a close look at it, their hearts trembled. They felt like they could see many channels of energy slowly come to life, merge and increase in speed by a thousand times!

The two fists collided into one another and Krishan’s expression instantly changed.

His face went from red, to purple, and nearly turned green at the end. He shouted out loud and retreated in a hurry.

He clutched his arm tightly as he stared at Ethan in utter horror. His expression was filled with disbelief.

“This…this is not possible!” He sounded rather disappointed and dejected. “This is definitely impossible!”

Ethan was still standing in the same place.

“I told you that all you know is the surface,” said Ethan calmly. “I’ve broken your arm, take that as a lesson. Now, scram.”

His voice remained as calm as ever and he didn’t even sound angry at all. He was so calm, it was as if he was faced with nothing but an ant. A giant wasn’t going to let his mood be affected by an ant.

That was because an ant wasn’t worth it.

The indifference that Ethan showed him made Krishan nearly feel like exploding.

But he really couldn’t hold up against Ethan at all.

He had just seen for himself how defenseless he was in front of Ethan.

“Why don’t you just kill me?!” roared Krishan indignantly.

Ethan could kill him very easily!

When he was faced with others, he could kill them very easily. But in front of Ethan, it was the other way round.


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