Billionaire God of War Chapter 1953

Chapter 1953

The prowess of the eight reclusive clans in Minstrel Mount was clearly insufficient.

Never mind the frightening things that Ethan predicted were coming. They couldn’t even defend themselves against Krishan.

Moreover, the Salos had taken action without revealing their whereabouts at all, and nobody had seen the person hiding in the shadows all this time at all.

Perhaps he would only find out what was going on after the cemetery caretaker woke up.

He would finally find out what really lay in the deepest parts of the mountain.

All nine pages of the Extreme Fist Technique Manual had appeared, which meant that some things would definitely float to the surface.

Ethan suddenly felt like he hadn’t fully prepared himself for this yet.

It wasn’t just himself. Everything around him was still lacking.

All these years, there was nothing that was fully prepared for the disaster that was about to befall right from the beginning.

His ten years on the battlefield were like that, and even after he returned to the city to find Diane, get together with her and protect her, it was still like this.

He would still meet with all sorts of problems and all sorts of unexpected crises.

But Ethan managed to resolve all of them each time.

So this time, he was going to face this problem the same way.

“We will do our best,” said the Senior Elder of the Fortune clan with great determination.

He didn’t dare to tell Ethan not to worry anymore because he wasn’t that confident.

Nobody knew what lay ahead, and even though they were Senior Elders and were the best fighters in Minstrel Mount, they weren’t strong enough.

Nobody knew how much more powerful this unknown enemy of the future would be.

The only thing they could do was to do their best!

“Sure, I understand.” Ethan nodded. “Move him into a safe place first, then gather back here. I have some things I would like to teach you guys.”

All the Senior Elders were stunned for a moment before they started getting excited.

Ethan wanted to teach them something?

Even though Ethan was young and was a generation younger than themselves, he surpassed them completely in terms of martial arts skill.

Their capabilities were insufficient, and it was really hard to improve anymore at this age.

“Hurry! Let’s go!” The Senior Elder of the Phoenix clan ignored his injuries and started getting really excited.

They immediately moved the cemetery caretaker to the place where Krishan and Kiran used to lock themselves in. This part of the Drake house was off limits to everyone else, so beside the head of the Drake clan, nobody else was allowed to come here.

Hiding him here was the safest.

The cemetery caretaker was still unconscious and it would probably take several more days for his condition to improve.

Outside the room.

Ethan stood there while the Senior Elders of all eight clans stood respectfully in front of him like good students who were listening to Ethan’s instructions.

“After studying the Extreme Fist Technique Manual, I discovered a few things that were connected to other types of martial arts and not just boxing. So I believe all of you will be able to benefit from this,” said Ethan. “I don’t know what sort of challenges will come in the future, and probably nobody knows either, but we must prepare ourselves to the best that we can.”

“We not only have to be mentally prepared, but we also ought to be physically prepared.” He looked at all of them and smiled. “All of you are the best fighters in the eight reclusive clans.”

The Senior Elders looked a little happier now, since Ethan’s compliment made them feel better about themselves.

“But to me, your current level is way off from what will be required.”

But the next sentence threw them back to the bottom of the valley again.

Nobody dared to argue with him, and they felt ashamed of themselves instead.

After hiding themselves in the mountains and doing nothing but practicing their martial arts every day, they ended up worse off than a young man.

“Since you’re all already at this age, then you’ve probably exhausted all your potential and it’s going to be hard to improve,” said Ethan very directly without holding back at all.


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