Billionaire God of War Chapter 1955

Chapter 1955

“My men saved you,” replied Ethan.

He glanced at the cemetery caretaker. “I just hope that saving you was the right decision.”

The cemetery caretaker laughed bitterly.

When he first met Ethan, he was able to tell that Ethan had already grasped the Extreme Fist Technique Manual. That was a familiar feeling that he was very sure of.

But he didn’t expect things to become like this now.

“The mountain gate must never be opened,” said the cemetery caretaker directly.

He looked at Ethan. “If the demons are let out, the world will be in utter chaos!”

Ethan narrowed his eyes slightly. Demons?

“The ones locked up inside there are all demons, and they are wicked people who commit all sorts of evil. It’s been like this for the past centuries, and they’re the most wicked of every generation. They were wicked, but their descendants are even worse…” murmured the cemetery caretaker. “They have no principles, no boundaries and no humanity!”

His voice was agitated and sounded terrified.

Ethan reached out to gently pat his chest to help him to calm down and speak slowly. There was no point in getting so agitated now.

“If the mountain gate should never be opened, then what’s the point of the manual?” Ethan remained calm.

If this so-called mountain gate couldn’t be opened, then it just had to be sealed shut, right?

But the Extreme Fist Technique Manual seemed to be designed with the purpose of opening this mountain gate.

“That’s because this manual…points to a treasure trove!” The cemetery caretaker took a deep breath and looked seriously at Ethan. “A treasure trove!”

He was still agitated as he grabbed Ethan’s hand. “Don’t let the pages ever be in one place! It must not be allowed! Never!”

He seemed very agitated and had a crazed look on his face as he kept repeating himself, so Ethan wasn’t able to understand him too well.

The cemetery caretaker was still emotionally unstable.

“Take a rest first,” said Ethan. “Don’t worry, regardless of whether the mountain gate opens or not, or what will happen in the future, nobody will be able to disrupt the peace around here.”

Ethan spoke very calmly.

No matter what happened, he would always answer this way.

The cemetery caretaker wanted to speak some more, but he was too worked up and he didn’t seem to really know what he was talking about either. Babbling on like this was meaningless.

Ethan didn’t let him go on and just told him to rest well. Once his injuries stabilized, he would come in to talk to him again.

He walked out of the room to let the cemetery caretaker have a good rest. It was going to take quite some time for a ripped arm to heal.

During this time, Professor Aronnax and the eight reclusive clans had joined hands, so they were probably able to crack the secret behind the Extreme Fist Technique Manual soon. With that in hand and answers from the cemetery caretaker, he should be able to get a fuller picture.

Ethan couldn’t guarantee that the cemetery caretaker would speak the truth either.

He had to consider how much of what the cemetery caretaker said was true and whether he was going to try and mislead Ethan.

So Ethan had to gather more information on his side first before confirming and comparing it to what the cemetery caretaker said.

Ethan wasn’t stupid and he wasn’t going to believe this cemetery caretaker so easily. The story of the farmer and the viper was always going to be relevant.

He walked out of the room to see that all the Senior Elders were still in their own worlds.

Some of them even started talking to one another to share and discuss if their understanding was correct.

Ethan left them alone and went to look for Evan.

It was important that the Drake house was safe. Nobody knew that Ethan had left Greencliff, and it was probably going to be okay since everyone within Greencliff were on standby.

He had to make some serious arrangements on Evan’s side.

Evan was now pacing his study.

He knew Ethan would come and look for him.

When he heard the knocking on his door, Evan immediately went to open the door.


Ethan nodded and walked in.


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