Billionaire God of War Chapter 1956

Chapter 1956

Ethan looked at the simple and elegant furnishing of the study. It didn’t look like the study of a martial artist that was usually filled with manuals and other books related to martial arts, but actually had a bit more poetry and literature.

“You’ve done a decent job this time round.”

Evan shook his head helplessly. “Master, you don’t have to console me.”

He knew that he hadn’t done a good job and Ethan was just trying to console him.

He knew what Ethan expected of him after taking over the Drake clan, but he hadn’t completed that mission.

He had worked very hard, but he still wasn’t there yet.

“I’m not consoling you. Look at me. Do I look like the type who consoles others?” Ethan laughed. “If I say you’ve done a good job, then it’s a good job. If it was a bad job, then I’d say so.”

“I haven’t been able to get the cemetery caretaker to reveal who he is,” said Evan. “I’m still thinking of how to ask him.”

It was clear that the identity of the cemetery caretaker was very important. It would be a turning point for them.

But till now, nobody knew exactly who this cemetery caretaker was.

Evan was getting a little anxious.

Ethan walked to the bookshelves and flipped through a few books randomly. He laughed and said, “When it’s time, we won’t have to ask and he’ll tell us himself.”

“When will that be?” asked Evan.

“When he feels it’s time to tell us.” Ethan glanced at Evan.

Evan was a lot more mature than he used to be, so he was no longer that hot headed youth who didn’t care about anything else.

But it was still a long time before he became truly mature.

Evan wasn’t just a disciple to Ethan, but also the son of his Master, so he had the responsibility and obligation to groom him and help him to grow.

“Don’t be so anxious and consider all things calmly, then you will be able to make the right decision,” said Ethan. “It’s the same for everything.”

“I can tell that you’re getting anxious.”

Evan opened his mouth to explain himself but didn’t say anything because he knew Ethan was right.

Ethan could see the change in his emotions very easily.

“We still have a long way to go, understand?”

“Yes, Master.” Evan nodded.

“Alright now, we’ll put this aside for now, no hurry. The more important thing is to update me on how far we are into cracking the code behind the Extreme Fist Technique Manual. Professor Aronnax has reached some conclusions and we have to compare notes.”

Evan walked to the bookshelf, pressed a button somewhere and one of the shelves moved aside to reveal a hidden shelf.

He took a box out from inside and passed it to Ethan. His expression was particularly stern and solemn.

“The characters that the eight reclusive clans have inherited from our forefathers and the results of our research are all here.”

There were two more pages out there, but they had already solved the seven pages on hand. Once their notes were compared to Professor Aronnax’s, then it was possible to reach a final conclusion.

Ethan took the box and opened it to read all the materials inside carefully.

As he read through everything, his eyebrows began to slowly furrow…


Back at the Salo castle.

Reagan only felt alive after he returned to his own home.

That feeling of going through hell and coming back out again was really difficult to describe in a few words.

“Keats.” Reagan was sitting on the chair reserved for the clan leader, but he didn’t look sharp nor arrogant. Instead, he looked rather humble. “What do you need me to do next?”

He was smiling, but his expression was stiff and unnatural.

He looked at Keats seated before him while wearing a mask. He knew that beneath the mask was definitely an extremely cruel looking face!

“A friend is here,” said Keats calmly. “We might have to check with him on what to do.”


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