Billionaire God of War Chapter 1957

Chapter 1957

A wind blew through the room.

Before Reagan could figure out where the wind was coming from, a man suddenly appeared in the main hall.

He had seen this man before!

He had seen him when Jimmy came to visit him the last time.

Why was he here?

“You…” Reagan was about to speak when Keats waved a hand to motion for him to keep quiet. Reagan immediately shut his mouth again and didn’t dare to say anything.

“You followed us all the way from Minstrel Mount, so it seems that what you want is with us.”

Keats eyed Krishan.

Krishan didn’t bother being polite and scoffed quietly. “What you want is also with me.”

This was pretty much their bargaining chip, and they put it on the table early. Both sides had something that each other wanted, and they looked like they were going to fight if they couldn’t reach an agreement.

He looked at Keats and knew that this man was Keats, so he said, “You left the cemetery caretaker for me, so I take that as a show of your sincerity. But unfortunately someone else got to him first.”

Keats laughed loudly.

“So why are you here today?”

“I want us to join hands!” said Krishan directly.

“Join hands? Then where’s your show of sincerity?”

Keats shook his head.

“I’ve already shown my sincerity, but you haven’t. I’ve also not seen what you have to offer either. Or are you referring to the one page of the manual that you have? I don’t care for that.”

He spoke very nonchalantly.

It was as if one more page of the manual really didn’t mean anything to him.

He had one page, and that was enough.

Krishan narrowed his eyes and his heart pounded wildly as he finally understood what was happening.

It seemed like the letter he was holding was right. Just one page of the manual was enough to count as an entrance ticket to the mountain.

“So it looks like there’s no chance to work together,” Krishan scoffed.

“There’s still a chance,” said Keats. “I know what you want, but if you want these things, you have to pay the price.”

Their eyes met and it felt as though two beams of laser had been shot through the air and hit one another, creating a very frightening atmosphere.

Reagan didn’t even dare to breathe too loudly.

He thought that he had gone through a lot of big storms in life and seen many things, but in front of these two, he still felt incomparably tiny!

He didn’t even dare to make any noise now.

He was just filled with anxiety and uneasiness.

The air seemed to have become very thin, so there was a strange suffocating feeling around him now.

“What price?” shouted Krishan.

He stared back at Keats and his gaze was equally sinister.

“I want you to kill someone!”

Krishan’s eyelid twitched. “Who?”

Keats didn’t answer him directly, but the eyes beneath his mask looked even more terrifying than before, and they seemed like a deep abyss that one would fall into if you looked into his eyes.

It felt like one would suddenly drop thousands of meters off a cliff!

Even someone as tough as Krishan couldn’t help but feel a chill down his spine.

That gaze didn’t look like a normal human being at all!

“You will know what you need to know at the right time,” said Keats. “You just need to know one thing. You’re not worthy to partner me, but you can choose to submit to me.”

He spoke these words very casually.

In the past, Krishan would have immediately attempted to kill this person because he would not allow anyone to speak to him like this.

But now, he didn’t even think of arguing back.

The faint pressure coming from all sides seemed to be even more terrifying than when he was standing before Ethan!

“Deal.” Krishan clenched his teeth and nodded. He was reluctant, but made this choice anyway.

The atmosphere in the main hall became a little strange.


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