Billionaire God of War Chapter 1958

Chapter 1958

Reagan didn’t dare to say anything and just kept watching. Krishan was rather aggressive earlier, but now he seemed to have kept away his violent streak and was much more respectful towards Keats now.

Reagan could sense this slight change, but couldn’t put his finger on it.

Who did Keats want Krishan to kill?


Krishan probably wasn’t capable of that.

That broken arm…it was so obvious that even Reagan could guess that Ethan was the one who broke it.

After all, Keats had purposely left the cemetery caretaker behind to draw Krishan out.

He suddenly shuddered and felt like he had fallen into an icy abyss. He felt cold all over. The feeling of being part of someone else’s chess game but being worth less than a pawn made Reagan feel even more terrified now.

Not talking and just listening to orders was probably the best choice right now.



Diane remained at home all day and she was so bored.

Her tummy was getting bigger day by day, and after the fifth month, she was beginning to see her baby bump.

She stood in the courtyard and took in the morning sun in order to increase her body’s intake of calcium.

Everything she did now was for the child.

“Is Ethan still at Butler Zed’s?” Diane made a face. “What’s taking him so long? He hasn’t been home for two days now.”

She hoped that Ethan could continue with his own work and not become preoccupied with her, since she really could take care of herself. But at the same time, she also hoped to see Ethan anytime she wanted to.

And that was because seeing Ethan made her feel safe.

“Silly girl, that boy is very busy,” laughed Shawn. “You can come over and watch us play chess, you can consider it early training for the child.”

“So this is good for the child?” Diane laughed merrily.

She walked over to watch Ivan and Shawn play chess.

During this period of time, these two old men stayed in the Palmer house and didn’t go anywhere at all.

Ethan wasn’t in Greencliff, so they were responsible for Diane’s safety, especially the child that Diane was carrying. That was Ethan’s child.

“Move the horse, the horse,” said Diane as she sat by the side. “Moving the horse is a better choice.”

“Who says?” argued Ivan. “If I move the horse, then I’d walk into Shawn’s trap.”

“The baby says so,” said Diane as she fluttered her eyes.

“The baby says so?” Ivan straightened himself up and moved the horse piece. “Then it’s definitely the right move!”

The two of them continued playing chess while Diane sat and watched by the side while giving her comments from time to time.

Just then, someone walked in quickly and whispered something into Ivan’s ear.

Ivan’s gaze changed slightly and he looked up at Shawn.

“Diane, go back into the house and rest, we’ll stop the game here,” said Ivan.

“Ok.” Diane obediently nodded. She knew that it was best for her to listen to everything these two guardians of hers said.

She turned and went back into the house.

Ivan remained seated at the stone table and his expression became rather solemn.

“Ethan guessed it right. Someone has their eye on Greencliff.”

“Who’s the target?” Shawn frowned.

The two of them exchanged glances and turned to look towards where Diane had walked to. It could only be her.

“Should we tell Ethan to come back?”

“Yes, we should.”

Neither of them dared to be too complacent. This was a matter of Diane and her child’s safety, so everyone had to be careful.

News of Ethan leaving Greencliff had not leaked but someone was still coming for them. That meant that this person possibly wasn’t concerned about whether Ethan was around or not, and this person would probably go all out.

Ivan immediately called all the highly skilled fighters of Extreme Martial Arts Academy over.

The news was sent to Ethan as soon as possible.

The sky over Greencliff seemed to be darkening, as if a terrible storm was about to hit.

The aggressive undercurrents made the air seem especially oppressive and unbearably suffocating!


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