Billionaire God of War Chapter 1959

Chapter 1959

The crash of thunder was accompanied by the flash of lightning that cut through the sky.

The lightning was blinding.

Ivan’s expression instantly grew grim.

Even the weather was changing rapidly. It was sunny just moments ago, and now the skies were darkening.

“We’ve already made all the preparations we could,” said Shawn. “We’re going to use all our strength to block whatever’s coming our way!”

The two of them exchanged glances and didn’t say anymore as they quickly entered the Palmer family’s bungalow.

Diane was sitting on the sofa as she read a book and drank a cup of fruit juice very leisurely.

She wasn’t bothered by the storm outside.

She was going to listen to Ethan and take good care of herself so that she could take good care of their child.

That was the most important thing right now.

“Mummy can’t wait to see you, and Daddy too, and everyone else…”

Her face was filled with gentleness as she gently rubbed her tummy and felt like she could feel a little hand moving and interacting with her through her skin.

That feeling was very special and it filled her heart with tenderness.

The thunder continued to resound loudly outside.

The sky darkened very quickly and the winds and rain began to ravage the city.

The storm came almost without warning, and the rain came pouring down from the sky after a few minutes. It was so torrential that the falling of the rain was almost ear deafening.


There were a lot of people surrounding the Palmer house now. They were all in raincoats and had a resolute look on their faces. They looked like they were even ready to die.

Rainwater dripped down Tom Foster’s hair.

“Guard the place well! Nobody is to come close to the bungalow!”

Many footsteps ran over the puddles in the ground, causing water to splash everywhere. The ripples moved swiftly outwards before slowly calming back down again.

There were around a thousand men outside the bungalow, forming three layers of men guarding every entrance and exit.

This was the first time they were on standby like this in Greencliff!

This was a first for this forbidden territory!

And meanwhile.

At the Drake house in Minstrel Mount.

Ethan had already received the news.

This was the fastest it could get to him already.

He frowned slightly.

“Master, are you going back?” said Evan. “I can handle things here!”

He knew that Ethan was worried about Diane and the baby.

Ethan looked towards Greencliff and furrowed his brows more deeply.

“I’m going back.” He didn’t leave Evan with any instructions and just disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Evan knew that Ethan was in a hurry and everything was already arranged so that he could rush back to Greencliff in the shortest time possible.

But he still felt his heart sink, and he had a bad feeling about this.

That was because he had seen an expression on Ethan’s face that he had never seen before. There was anxiety, worry and a tinge of regret, as if he had made the wrong decision before this.

He had really never seen such an expression on Ethan’s face before.

“It’ll be fine, everything will be just fine!” Evan took a deep breath. “I must do a good job over here too, and not let Master worry.”

Both Minstrel Mount and Greencliff were important places, but Ethan had to split himself and oversee both places by himself.

So Evan blamed himself for not being able to help Ethan more in this aspect.

He hoped to change this situation as soon as possible.

The sky in Greencliff was so dark, it was terrifying.

It had been ages since such a frightening storm hit the city.

The streets were almost empty because nobody dared to remain outside in such dire weather conditions.

Only the Palmer house was covered with people standing nearly shoulder to shoulder as they formed a three layer wall and surrounded the entire estate.

Right on the inside stood the best fighters from the Extreme Martial Arts Academy and formed a barrier as well.

Behind them stood Shawn and Ivan, the two advanced grandmasters who were way more powerful than they let on!


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