Billionaire God of War Chapter 1961

Chapter 1961

Even though so many people were surrounding him, Keats’ gaze didn’t change at all, just like the mask on his face that couldn’t change expression.

He stood there and spread his arms out slightly. He looked like he was challenging Shawn and the rest to attack him together!

A battle immediately ensued!

It reached its peak almost instantly.

Nobody dared to hold back or save any moves. This Keats was way too powerful!

He was so powerful that they felt that he had come from a different world altogether.

Even Shawn and Ivan felt this way.

The sort of aura and presence that seemed to ride over their heads completely was totally foreign to them.

“Who on earth are you?!” bellowed Shawn fiercely as he swung a punch.

Keats didn’t respond and just slowly lifted his fist to collide with Shawn’s.

There was a loud blast as Shawn ended up staggering five steps back while Keats remained standing where he was.

“Extreme Fist Technique!” muttered Shawn in a low voice. “You know the Extreme Fist Technique too?”

This punch alone told Shawn that this intruder’s level of boxing was no less than his, and was probably a lot better too.

Those who could comprehend the Extreme Fist Technique were no ordinary men, like Ethan and Krishan.

Ordinary folk who could understand even a little bit were considered amazing already.

But this man…

Ivan didn’t care about all this for now. He swung his legs across and put in his best efforts to attack with everything he had.

Ivan and Shawn attacked Keats from both sides at the same time, but they weren’t gaining the upper hand at all.

The fight continued to get more and more intense.

Not too far away.

A figure flashed past under the torrential rain and disappeared soon after. Nobody had noticed him at all.

Inside the Palmer family bungalow.

The door was shut fast and even the windows were locked.

It was pouring heavily outside, and even Diane felt rather stuffy inside the house.

“Why did it suddenly rain so heavily?” She frowned. “It’s been such a long time since we’ve had such a frightening storm.”

She wanted to open the window to let some air in, but Brother Geoff called her back just as she reached the window.

“The wind outside is really strong, so you might fall sick.”

Diane had no choice but to just let it be.

“The storm will be over soon,” said Brother Geoff.

Just after he finished saying this, his expression suddenly changed as he ran over to Diane. “Hold your breath! Number Five, open the window!”

There was a faint smell in the air. It was weak, but Brother Geoff detected it.

He quickly covered his own nose and got Diane to do the same as they headed upstairs.

“Krishan!” roared Brother Geoff angrily. “How dare you!”

Someone had released poison into the air!

“Do you still have explosives on yourselves now?”

Krishan’s voice came from the second floor!

Nobody knew when he appeared upstairs. All their men were focused on protecting the house on the outside, and none of them would have expected Krishan to infiltrate the bungalow itself during this time.

Diane looked up but Krishan was a stranger to her and she didn’t know who he was.

“Protect Boss Diane!” shouted Brother Geoff as his face began to pale. He couldn’t hold his breath for too long and he had to chase Krishan out as soon as possible!

All the wolves split into two teams. One was going to deal with Krishan while the other team was going to help Diane out of the house.

If they continued to stay here, they were doomed if they got poisoned!

Krishan laughed loudly and didn’t seem bothered about anybody coming towards him.

He waved his palm and a huge amount of powder was instantly released into the air. The powder quickly dispersed into the air and it was almost impossible to avoid it.


Brother Geoff got someone to open the window so that the wind would come in and he helped Diane to stand facing the wind. He was already feeling weak and it took a lot of willpower to just remain standing.

“If you dare to hurt Boss Diane, Big Boss will definitely kill you!” roared Brother Geoff angrily.


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