Billionaire God of War Chapter 1962

Chapter 1962

“I don’t care about that,” said Krishan. “Someone else is after this woman’s life, and I’m just carrying out instructions.”

He looked at Diane as her face slowly paled more and more.

“It’s too bad that there’s no antidote for this poison, or at least nobody in this world can possibly treat it. You can die with your child! MUAHAHAHA!” Krishan laughed maniacally like a nutcase, then disappeared quickly into the distance.

Diane opened her mouth to say something, but before she could speak, she collapsed onto the floor.

“Help! Get her to safety!” Brother Geoff’s throat was dry and he was trembling all over. He tried his best to make sure that Diane faced the oncoming wind and wasn’t in the path of the poisonous powder.

The rest also tried their best to open all the doors and windows and moved Diane to an airy place, but Diane had already lost consciousness and all their eyes reddened.

They had failed to protect Diane!

Krishan was a bastard!

Nobody would have thought that Keats on the outside of the house would turn out to be nothing but bait. Their real motive was to allow Krishan to come inside and poison Diane.

“Boss Diane! Boss Diane!” Brother Geoff felt that he was losing consciousness, but he couldn’t think about himself at all.

He nearly broke down when he saw Diane collapse.

Ethan told them to protect Diane well, but they…

“Boss Diane!” cried all of them, but Diane couldn’t hear them at all.

The resounding thunder pierced through the sky.

Keats saw a figure flash past the wall of the bungalow estate and his lips curled up slightly under his mask.

He threw two punches and forced Shawn and Ivan to retreat, but did not continue attacking them.

“You want to escape?!” There was blood dribbling out of Shawn’s mouth, but he continued to fight valiantly.

Keats looked at him. “Not bad, you managed to understand this much under such circumstances. You’re not bad at all.”

With that, Keats turned and left without doing or saying anymore.

Shawn and Ivan were both stunned. They didn’t expect this intruder to suddenly leave.

He could have killed everyone and barged into the bungalow, so why…

“Boss Diane!”

That furious shout made everyone outside stiffen up.

Had they been fooled?

Shawn and Ivan ran into the house immediately.

But all they saw was that Diane was unconscious next to the door with a pale face and didn’t react to anything at all. It was as if her soul had left her.

“Diane!” Shawn ran over anxiously while disregarding his own injuries to check on Diane.

“It’s that bloody Krishan!” Brother Geoff’s eyes were losing focus and he was really exhausted now. The poison was taking effect and it caused blood to flow from his nose and mouth. “He was poisoned…”

Then he fainted.

“Help! Call the doctors here NOW!” yelled Ivan.

None of them thought that they had been tricked into leaving the inside of the house alone. That frighteningly powerful fighter turned out to be nothing but a distraction, and Krishan took this chance to sneak into the house.

Ivan immediately called for every single doctor possible to come over, including anyone in Greencliff, or the state of Riverport or even Ethan’s folks in the north.

In less than half a day, every famous doctor had been called into Greencliff.

But not a single person could tell what poison was in Diane’s body.

The atmosphere in the bungalow was extremely gloomy.

Diane’s parents sat expressionlessly to one side. They looked like their lives had been sucked out of them, so they couldn’t see nor hear anything now.

“This is a very strange poison, and it’s sealed off all her nerves and arteries. If this goes on, I’m afraid of both mother and child…”

The Hunt family was a family of doctors, and even though Thomas wasn’t the best in medicine, he knew that such a poison was difficult to treat without the actual antidote meant for it. Everyone went into a panic upon hearing these words.

“How…how are we going to account to Ethan for this?”


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