Billionaire God of War Chapter 1965

Chapter 1965

Cillian didn’t say anything and just nodded before disappearing into the shadows again.

He knew that Ethan would definitely fight back, and he was going to fight back aggressively.

And that was because this person had ruffled all of Ethan’s feathers!

The less reaction Ethan seemed to have, the more it showed that Ethan’s heart was already in turmoil and he was ready for a massacre.

More than 300 famous doctors came into Greencliff over the next two days, but nobody could diagnose exactly what poison was inside Diane’s body.

Without a diagnosis, nobody could treat her either.

Ethan remained expressionless and looked like he didn’t know how to smile anymore.

He saw the last doctor out, then gently tucked Diane in.

“Rest well, ok? You’re always so busy at work, and you must be really tired, right?” His voice remained as gentle as ever. Victoria stood to one side and tears immediately came to her eyes.



“I’ll leave Diane to you.”

“Of course, don’t worry.” Victoria nodded and didn’t say much.

Ethan then walked out.

Just as he reached the door, his phone rang. It was an unknown number.

He knew someone was bound to contact him.

“What do you want?” Ethan picked up the call.

“Once a person has a weakness, then he becomes very easy to manipulate, even if he’s a martial artist with an amazing gift like yourself,” said a calm voice on the other end of the line. “Those who choose to walk this road should not start a family.

Ethan didn’t say anything, but the murderous aura seeping from his face seemed to be solidifying the air.

If he could kill someone through a phone, the person on the other line would have been crushed to pieces by now.

“I’m not interested in the pages of the manual that you have, but I need you to do something for me.”

“Say it.” Ethan didn’t want to beat around the bush. “But you must guarantee that my folks will be alright, otherwise…”

“You do not have a choice,” the voice remained calm, but it was clear that there was no room for negotiation.

He was the one with the upper hand, so he didn’t care about what Ethan said.

He hung up after saying that.

Ethan looked up. Butler Zed was standing not too far off and nodded in return.

“Got the signal. It came from Europe, from the Salo castle!”

Ethan narrowed his eyes. He just knew it was the person hiding inside the Salo clan.

“The Salo clan.” Ethan dialed another number. This time it was Winston’s. “The Salo clan, you heard me?”

“Got it!” Winston’s response was equally simple and was brimming with murder.

He had heard all about what happened in Greencliff even though he was in the Middle East, and he knew that Ethan was going to take action.

Anyone who dared to hurt Diane was basically pushing all of them over the edge!

Ethan didn’t say anything and just gave this order before leaving Greencliff. Greencliff and Palmer Group started working hard to begin their aggressive counterattack!


In the Salo castle in Europe.

Reagan stood to one side and didn’t dare to sit.

He was nothing but a tool to Keats.

“We’re going back to Minstrel Mount, so once all this is over, all of Palmer Group, Greencliff and the entire Chinese market, will belong to the Salo clan,” Keats glanced at Reagan. “That is your reward.”

“Thank you so much, Keats!” said Reagan respectfully.

Keats turned to look at Krishan.

“You’ve done a good job. You’re really good with using poison.”

Krishan scoffed lightly and didn’t care to answer him.

He had decided to obey Keats, but it didn’t mean that he was happy to do so. He just wanted to do what would benefit him the most at this point.

He was well aware of this, and so was Keats. The two of them were just working together.


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