Billionaire God of War Chapter 1966

Chapter 1966

Keats didn’t say anymore. Everything was going according to plan, so he was just short of one step before he could open the mountain gate and go back in!

He turned to leave and Krishan followed behind him.

Both of them disappeared in a flash.

After they both left, Reagan finally breathed a sigh of relief. The terrifying pressure he felt in front of Keats made his stomach churn.

“I can finally breathe normally again.”

He walked to the door and looked out. He wanted to look at the scenery outside and breathe in some fresh air.

He was going to gain a lot in the near future, and it would be even more than anything he had imagined!

But all of a sudden, he saw a red spot on his heart that slowly moved to his face and stopped at his forehead.

Reagan froze. What was this thing?

An infrared beam?

Was someone aiming a gun at him?

He looked out into the distance and saw a black barrel aimed at him. Horror immediately spread across his face, but before he could run, he ended up collapsing instead.

Blood spurted everywhere.

A bloodied hole appeared in Reagan’s forehead.

His eyes were wide and even until he died, he still had no idea how this happened and who had come to kill him.

He had made sure that the area around his own estate was cleared out, so anyone who wanted to ambush him like this had to be at least two kilometers away. But someone had actually still managed to take him down at this distance!

Fresh blood dyed the floor red. Reagan’s eyes were still open, but he was no longer breathing.

There was a terrible shriek and the entire Salo clan went into a panic.

More than two kilometers away.

Winston kept his weapon away with a cold look in his eyes. “I’m going to make sure every single member of the Salo clan dies!”


Minstrel Mount.

The Drake house.

All of them had heard about what happened in Greencliff and they also sent their best doctors to Greencliff in hope of helping Diane.

“Master, I’ve already arranged everything you told me to arrange the last time,” said Evan. “We’re just one step short of completely unravelling the secret behind the Extreme Fist Technique Manual.”

“How’s the cemetery caretaker doing?” asked Ethan after nodding his head.

“Not too good. He’s slipped into a coma again and will still need some time.”

Evan frowned.

If the cemetery caretaker died, then their entire plan would fall apart.

He didn’t know if Ethan had any other backup plans, but the information that the cemetery caretaker had was especially important, so he couldn’t let the cemetery caretaker die.

“Got it, just continue with what I told you to do.”

“Master, what about you?”

“I’m going into the deep mountains,” said Ethan.

He was going alone.

Evan immediately panicked.

“Alone?! That won’t do!!” he said anxiously. “The deep mountains are very dangerous, and on top of that, that mysterious man is the one who wants to meet you there. Since he’s all prepared, he’ll definitely try to attack you.”

“I know,” said Ethan.

“I’ll go with you! Even if I can’t help, at least I can take a knife or two for you!”

“I’ve already explained your mission to you.” Ethan shook his head. “Enough, just listen to me and do what you need to.”

Evan wanted to say more, but since Ethan was already decided, he could only nod.

Ethan left the Drake house alone and walked towards the deep section of the mountains. He followed the same route that the wolves took the last time, but he walked even more quickly. His speed was astonishing.

He walked as though the mountainous paths were straight and smooth pavements, while his body emanated a terrifying murderous air, so no wild beasts dared to come close to him.

In fact, they remained far away and all the birds flew away!

At almost the same time, two other figures were also making their way to the deep mountains swiftly. They came from different directions, but they were headed for the same place.

The three men seemed to be able to see each other, and they could see that crazed and violent sort of murderous intent in each other’s eyes…


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