Billionaire God of War Chapter 1969

Chapter 1969

Krishan’s entire body shook.

That was Ethan’s voice.

Why was he here?

“Ethan!” shouted Krishan as he turned with a start, but didn’t see anything. All his pores were open and the feeling of terror instantly overwhelmed his heart.

Why would Ethan be here? Wasn’t he busy putting the other pages down?

Didn’t he care if Diane lived or died anymore?

The only thing that answered him was a fist!

Ethan seemed to have fallen from the sky and appeared in front of Krishan. His fist came down hard and the impact of his punch was even more terrifying than before.

Krishan didn’t dare to be careless nor hesitant, so he quickly raised his arms to block the attack.

“Ethan, what are you trying to do?!”

“Are you trying to kill your own woman?!”

“How dare you kill me?!” shouted Krishan hysterically.

He could sense that the murderous air around Ethan was different from before.

In the past, Ethan let him live because he was of use to Ethan, but this time, Ethan was definitely out to kill him. He had never felt such a murderous air before!

It was so murderous and surged so intensely. Ethan didn’t say anything, but his eyes were filled with violence and rage.

Ethan threw several punches in a row. Each punch was more violent and crazier than the one before it.

This was the Extreme Fist Technique!


Blood dribbled out from Krishan’s mouth as his blood continued to surge through his body more and more quickly every time he tried to block Ethan’s attacks.

How was this man so frightening?

“If you kill me, then your woman will die!” shouted Krishan. Ethan’s punch had forced him to stagger backwards, and he was panting heavily with fear written all over his face.

Ethan’s prowess was simply terrifying. He seemed to have seen how truly frightening Ethan could be only now. Was this what comprehending seven pages of the manual looked like?

Ethan said that he only understood the surface. Was this the full manifestation of the spirit of boxing illustrated on those pages?

“You should not have hurt my woman,” that was the only thing that Ethan said.

The intensity of his aura continued to rise and reached its maximum.

It was horrifying and ruthlessly violent.

Krishan felt as though an illusion had appeared behind Ethan, and it was a ferocious beast with a huge mouth and sharp teeth. Its bloodshot eyes were filled with bloodthirstiness and violence as it pounced wildly towards him.

One punch!

The impact of the punch exploded, causing the air to blast continuously and the plants around them started shaking wildly as well.

Krishan used both hands to defend himself, but he couldn’t hold up against this impact.

There was a loud crack as both his arms broke, and he didn’t even know how many pieces they broke into either!

“AHH!” Krishan howled loudly and tried to run. But after taking just two steps, Ethan appeared in front of him again, just like a gust of wind.

Ethan was really going to kill him!

If Ethan wanted to kill him, then where could he possibly run to?

A huge fist kept coming closer to Krishan’s eyes, and he had never experienced such terror in his life before.

“Ethan! No! You can’t! No!!”

This punch smashed right into Krishan’s face. The incredible impact of the punch was instantly released, causing Krishan’s face to explode into nothing but blood and mush. His skull was bent in and his nose bridge was completely broken.

Krishan flew out and crashed heavily onto the ground. There was no way to tell that it was still a face.

He convulsed and his feet were still stomping away. But after a few moments, he stopped breathing.

Ethan killed him!

Krishan had died!

Since Ethan wanted to kill him, then even the gods could forget about saving him.

That was because he deserved to die!

Since he dared to attack Diane, then he should have seen this coming.

Ethan walked over to Krishan’s corpse and his face remained expressionless. He reached out to take the page that Krishan had, then disappeared into the distance without even taking a second look at Krishan.


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