Billionaire God of War Chapter 1971

Chapter 1971

This punch encompassed the deep meaning and spirit of the Extreme Fist Technique, and the tremendous impact it carried distorted the air around Ethan’s fist.

Ethan did not hold anything back and timed his attack well. This one punch contained everything he had!

The blasts in the air before the punch even landed already caused a tinge of fear to appear in Keats’ eyes.

He never thought that Ethan would actually try to fight him. Didn’t he want his wife and child to live anymore?

“You’re asking for it!” Keats became angry because no matter how strong Ethan was, Ethan was just an ant to him.

How dare this ant resist him?

Keats raised his fist and suddenly increased his speed. He seemed to have suddenly transformed into a thin line as he threw an aggressive and domineering punch that collided violently with Ethan’s fist!

The sound was ear deafening!

Ethan staggered more than ten steps back and there was a long line of dirt as he slid backwards, while sand flew everywhere.

Keats stood where he was without moving an inch, and he was still in the stance he used to throw the punch.

The eyes under the mask were sinister and deep as they stared at Ethan like how a venomous snake would!

“Humph! That’s all you’re capable of!” Keats scoffed.

Ethan steadied himself and didn’t say anything. He gently massaged his fist and looked straight at Keats as he stretched his fingers out.

“Is that so?” he said calmly.

Keats laughed coldly and was about to speak when his face suddenly paled, then turned bright red almost immediately.

PFFFT! He opened his mouth and a huge mouthful of blood came up his throat and out of his mouth!

The blood spewed all over the ground and dyed his clothes red as well.


His body staggered slightly and he nearly collapsed. He suddenly felt an uncontrollable energy coming straight for his heart!

When his fist met Ethan’s, it seemed like a stream of energy had gone into his arm and followed his arteries to head for his heart.

Keats’ eyes were filled with fear as he stared straight at Ethan and couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t believe that Ethan had such an impressive control over the impact of his punches.

He hadn’t even discovered it until it started taking effect inside his body.

PFFT! Keats opened his mouth again and spewed another mouthful of blood. Even his breathing started to quicken.

“That’s all I’m capable of, right?” Ethan walked towards Keats. “Consider this punch my present to you. Welcome to this world.”

Keats’ expression changed.

Ethan knew?

What else did he know?

“Initially I wasn’t sure of what this Extreme Fist Technique Manual was for,” said Ethan. “Thanks for telling me. So now, you’re useless.”

Ethan immediately made a move!

He was even faster than before and moved like a flash of lightning!

Ethan’s fists seemed to go from two to four, to eight fists. His punches were so quick that Keats couldn’t differentiate one from the other anymore.

As Ethan threw his punches, Keats hurriedly retreated and tried to use his arms to reduce the impact.

But even though he tried his best, he still flew out with a loud blast anyway.

“What powerful fists!”

He had underestimated Ethan!

Keats didn’t dare to be careless anymore and didn’t dare to despise Ethan anymore. That one punch earlier already told Keats that Ethan was way more powerful than he had imagined!

But Ethan was like a wild beast that never grew tired. His punches kept coming, and they were both wild and domineering.

He had displayed the maximum potential of the Extreme Fist Technique.

How could Keats possibly hold up against such an attack?


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