Billionaire God of War Chapter 1972

Chapter 1972

Keats just felt like he had run into a swamp of sorts. If this went on, then he might not be able to get out of here alive, never mind kill Ethan.

The mountain gate hadn’t opened yet, but it wasn’t going to open in time now.

“You mean you dare to kill me?!” roared Keats angrily.

“How dare you!”

Ethan didn’t say anything. His fists was his reply.

He was going to kill this guy!

He didn’t care who this man was at all. Since he dared to attack Diane and his child, then Ethan was going to kill him!

Anyone that Ethan wanted to kill had to die!

The sound of fists colliding were ear deafening, and the strength displayed was astonishing.

If anyone were here to witness this, they would definitely be in shock. How could human fists create this sort of sound?

This was terrifying!

Ethan didn’t say anything and just kept punching more and more powerfully. He seemed to be like the unending flow of a river that continued to surround Keats.

His punches were so quick that there was barely any gap in between.

Keats found it harder and harder to defend himself. The energy that was trying to make its way to his heart kept shifting around, so it was getting hard to stop that energy inside him while fighting.

This was really too frightening!

Ethan’s first punch wasn’t meant to kill him but just to affect him. Even the smallest mistake in a fight between highly skilled fighters could make a huge difference!

He had just realized this now.

Run! That was the first thought that Keats had.

Even though he was extremely indignant that he had waited so many years and couldn’t use this chance to go through the mountain gate, Ethan was really way more formidable than he had imagined!

Another punch came his way. Ethan’s punches never stopped and Keats had to keep moving back.

The wind from the punches hit his mask and it made his face feel the pain.

“You want to run?” Ethan seemed to be able to see through Keats’ thoughts and purposely agitated him. “Is that all you’re capable of? Weren’t you so arrogant just now? Why are you thinking of running away now?”

These humiliating words made Keats’ eyes grow cold, but he remained calm.

He wasn’t some hot headed youngster, so even though he was pissed off and furious, he knew that if he fell for Ethan’s trick, he would definitely die.

Ethan was way more powerful than he had thought.

He didn’t hesitate and raised a fist to collide fiercely against Ethan’s fist again. The impact drove them apart again.

Keats took the chance to start running.

“You’re not going anywhere!” Ethan roared loudly and chased after him like a flash of lightning. He swung a fist out and aimed it straight for Keats’ head!

This punch alone was enough to kill Keats!

Keats could feel the terrifying wind that accompanied that punch, so he quickly tapped the ground with his foot to move half a step to the side, then raised his leg in the same direction to kick towards Ethan.

But Ethan didn’t dodge and kept going, as if he didn’t care that Keats’ whip-like leg was coming his way.

“Bloody hell!” Keats was furious. Ethan would rather get hurt than to miss a chance to injure him?

He didn’t expect Ethan to be this crazy and this bent on killing him. He wasn’t going to fight Ethan anymore, because it would end with Ethan getting injured, while he would end up dead!

He spun around violently, so Ethan’s fist headed for his face and hit the mask.

The mask immediately fell apart.

His face was covered with blood and his nose was broken.

“AHH!” Keats howled in pain and ignored the injuries on his face. He slammed his palms against the ground and crawled quickly into the bushes and disappeared.

Only a few drops of blood fell to the ground.

Ethan wanted to run after him, but Keats was already nowhere to be found.

He looked at the broken mask on the ground and frowned slightly.

In that moment when the mask broke, he had seen Keats’ face and felt like he had seen this face somewhere before.

“I’ve seen this face before?” Ethan frowned even more deeply. “I’ve seen it before!”

He was very certain. “I’ve definitely seen this face before.”

Ethan’s memory was better than most, and he would not forget any face he had seen before. This was something that he could do after all these years of training.

But why did he only have an impression of that face?


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