Billionaire God of War Chapter 1973

Chapter 1973

There was blood all over the ground.

It was all Keats’ blood.

The mask was in pieces, and its material was a mystery. It lay shattered all over the ground too.

Ethan looked down at the pieces and didn’t say anything.

He reached out to pick up the page on the ground and stuffed it into his pockets before looking up at the huge mountain before him.

The mountain gate was right here.

He had nearly let Keats open the mountain gate today.

What was on the other side?

Curiosity flashed on Ethan’s face for a second, then disappeared.

He wasn’t concerned about this right now.

He left and soon arrived back at the Drake house.

Everyone else had returned earlier than he did, and they all had a page of the manual in hand. After Ethan had placed them in the correct positions and left, he had already arranged for them to come at a certain time to remove the pages.

Ethan put all the nine pages together.

He was now the owner of all nine pages of the Extreme Fist Technique Manual.

Master, now that we have all nine pages, we can start analyzing it.” Evan took a deep breath. He had no idea how difficult it was for Ethan to obtain these last two pages.

But he knew that it must have been very tough.

“Go ahead then.” Ethan nodded.

He looked at Evan. “Has the cemetery caretaker regained consciousness?”

“He’s awake and he wants to see you,” said Evan.

Ethan left the pages with Evan and went to the wooden hut where the cemetery caretaker was.

The cemetery caretaker had already woken up.

Most people wouldn’t have survived a severed arm injury like that.

“He’s escaped.” Those were the first words the cemetery caretaker had for Ethan.

“He’s escaped.” Ethan nodded.

He looked at the cemetery caretaker’s face and realized it was almost identical to Keats’.

That was why his impression wasn’t very clear.

“I can’t believe he actually ran away. And you actually let him run.” The cemetery caretaker was in disbelief, but since Ethan made it back alive, then he must have won.

He knew what Ethan was capable of.

From the first time they met in the cemetery, he could sense that Ethan was really powerful. But he didn’t think that Ethan was so powerful that Keats would actually decide to make a run for it.

“If he didn’t run, then he would have to die,” said Ethan. “But of course, he will have to die sooner or later. Since I have decided to kill him, then I won’t let him live.”

Nobody he wanted to kill ever survived!

The cemetery caretaker was silent for several moments.

After a long time, he sighed. “I heard that your wife has been poisoned.”

Ethan nodded.

“I can help you take a look at her.”

“You can consider it my gratitude towards you for saving my life.”

Ethan didn’t turn him down.

This cemetery caretaker was clearly closely related to Keats. Their faces were almost identical, so nobody would believe them if they said they weren’t related.

“Let’s go.” The cemetery caretaker got up and walked out with a hunched back.

Ethan followed him and they left Minstrel Mount.


Deep within Minstrel Mount, Keats was in a hidden part of the forest and was leaning against a large rock. There was still blood in his mouth and he was panting very heavily.

He had escaped.

He had actually escaped.

He was faced with just one mere Ethan, but he had chosen to escape in the end.

“Damn it!”

He smashed a fist into the rock angrily and his blood immediately stained the surface of the rock, but he didn’t feel the pain.

All he felt was indignation, fury and frustration!

He hadn’t just lost the chance to return to the other side of the mountain gate, but being humiliated by Ethan made him even more furious.

This was worse than killing him.

“Ethan…you will have to pay the price for this!


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