Billionaire God of War Chapter 1975

Chapter 1975

Of course the cemetery caretaker knew what sort of environment lay behind the mountain gate.

To him, that place was hell!

In fact, it was even more terrifying than hell. Escaping that place was the best thing that happened to him.

One could say that he was weak or useless, but he didn’t care. He just didn’t want to die.

But now, it seemed like this mountain gate was destined to be opened again.

Back then, that person had purposely designed these nine pages of the manual to act as keys to open the gate. Perhaps someone had already calculated that the day would come when someone would have no choice but to enter the mountain gate.

The cemetery caretaker looked at Ethan and had a strange feeling in his heart.

It seemed like all of this had already been predestined.

“If you want to know what lies behind the mountain gate, I can tell you everything I know,” he said before sighing. “But what I know is only a small part of the entire universe there. There are various sects that lie behind the mountain gate, and it is a much more cruel universe inside compared to this world. It is much crueler than the martial arts circle here.”

“Besides you, nobody else is fit to enter.” The cemetery caretaker didn’t mince his words.

“I want to know his name.” Ethan fell silent for a moment.

The cemetery caretaker knew who he was talking about. Ethan was referring to Keats.

“His name is Hector Keats,” the cemetery caretaker laughed bitterly. “And my name is Horatio Wheats. We still have several other siblings and we belong to the same sect. After you enter the mountain gate, you might encounter them.”

His expression was a little strange. When he talked about his own siblings, he didn’t look like he missed them at all. In fact, he looked rather repulsed by them.

“We were all sacrificial items and tools for others to use. But while some succumbed to their fate, others didn’t.”

The cemetery caretaker shook his head and sighed several times. When it came to his sect and his own siblings, there was plenty to say, but at the same time, he didn’t know what to say about them either.

“If there’s anything else you want to know, you can come and ask me.”

He turned and walked out.

Ethan didn’t ask any more questions. He didn’t want to ask too much now.

He just wanted to know the name of the person he was going to kill next.

He walked back to the bed and looked very gently at the peaceful looking Diane.

“Take a good rest, I’ll bring the antidote back to you, so you can go back to being that lively and energetic girl you were.”

Ethan reached out and gently caressed her face, then carefully tucked her hair behind her ear. He behaved as if she was just sleeping, so he didn’t want to do anything that might accidentally wake her up.

Nobody else said anything.

They knew that Ethan was definitely going into the mountain.

Anybody else would have made the same decision.

They wouldn’t let anything bad befall Diane, and Ethan would definitely never allow it!

Outside the room.

Ethan sat on a sofa.

“The Salo clan has suffered severe losses and their businesses have almost all collapsed. Reagan and his clan have all been killed,” Tom Foster reported the latest situation to Ethan.

If Reagan hadn’t kept Hector Keats alive secretly, this wouldn’t have happened to Diane.

A debt always came with a creditor, just like how a feud started with an initial provocation. So whoever started this had to pay for creating this mess!

“Make them disappear,” said Ethan coldly.

He didn’t care if Lance and Lana pleaded with him or not. If they tried, then they could go ahead and die with the rest of the clan if they liked!

He would not show any mercy to the people who hurt Diane!

“Also, Zed is still searching for Hector, but there’s no news at the moment.

Hector’s ability surpassed that of an advanced grandmaster, so within the martial arts circle, only Ethan could possibly fight one on one with him.

Only Ethan could kill him!

“No need to look for him,” said Ethan. “He’ll appear eventually.”

His gaze was completely different from before. Ethan who was always polite to others and often gave a refreshing smile was gone.

Ethan was now nothing but a grim reaper coming to harvest lives!


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