Billionaire God of War Chapter 1976

Chapter 1976

Ethan had now returned to being that killing machine that could kill anything from humans to the gods as long as they stood in the way.

Even Tom Foster felt his heart shudder when he saw the look in Ethan’s eyes and began to feel fearful even though he knew that Ethan would not hurt him.

He felt like he was standing next to a ferocious beast. That sort of terror didn’t disappear easily.

“Got it.” Tom Foster knew how Ethan was feeling now, and knew what he could and needed to do.

The entire room was left with only Ethan, and he just sat there quietly.

Nobody came in to interrupt him.

They all knew that he needed some time by himself.

He sat there for an entire hour without moving, as if he was a statue.

His eyes started to glow more and more brightly and looked more and more frightening. The murderous air that accumulated and swirled inside his eyes thickened and seemed to have solidified into an actual layer around him.

Ethan finally stood up.

He walked out and seemed like a completely different person as his body exuded a ferociousness.


Minstrel Mount.

Everyone from the eight reclusive clans had gathered within the Drake house’s main hall.

The expressions on the Senior Elders were a little different from before.

With the help of Ethan’s guidance, their understanding of martial arts had reached another level.

They weren’t able to increase their actual ability in such a short time, but increasing their understanding was more valuable than increasing their ability, because it meant that increasing their ability in the future wouldn’t be difficult.

They were like a container that could only contain one bucket of water. No matter how strong this container became, it could only contain one bucket of water.

But now, this container had been redesigned and reconstructed by Ethan, so it could now take two or even three buckets of water!

“We’ve solved it,” the Senior Elder of the Fortune clan couldn’t help but exclaim.

The image in front of them looked like a chessboard, but it looked more like an eight trigram diagram.

Different etches appeared in various positions on the diagram.

“I can’t believe it’s really a map. But where is it pointing to?”

Evan had already contacted Butler Zed, but even after searching through all the information they had and comparing all the satellite maps they had, they didn’t find any place that was shaped this way.

They combed the world for any information they could get, regardless of whether it was a tropical rainforest or some ancient mountain forest.

But they couldn’t find anything.

The only possibility left was that this map was pointing to a place that nobody in this world knew about.

Everyone looked towards Evan.

“I’m afraid this lies behind the mountain gate.” Evan’s expression was stern.

They knew all about what happened to Diane and they also knew that Ethan had to enter the mountain gate in order to save Diane. Nobody else could do anything to help.

Evan blamed himself and felt so guilty. When Ethan needed someone, he was of no help at all!

He clenched his fists tightly.

“Sort out this map properly in the shortest time possible and hand it to my Master. That’s the only thing we can do now.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll get everything sorted and handed to Ethan in one complete piece by today!” declared the Senior Elder of the Fortune clan as he patted his own chest.

Evan nodded.

He got up and bowed deeply at everyone. He was going to leave this matter to the Senior Elders. Meanwhile, Ethan had entrusted another mission to him.

There was one thing that Ethan had to do before entering the mountain gate.

Deep within Minstrel Mount.

A figure had been hiding here for several days now. He didn’t do anything besides just rest and recuperate.

Hector Keats was right here.

He wanted to return to the Salo castle to wait for another chance, but the clan had completely fallen apart because Ethan had thrashed them to smithereens.

He knew that Ethan was definitely headed for the mountain gate.

Without the antidote, there was no way Diane and his child would ever wake from their coma.

“Ha, like I said, once you have a weakness, then it doesn’t matter how strong you become anymore.”

Hector narrowed his eyes and took a deep breath. His physical wounds had not completely healed, but the pain from his body was nothing compared to the insult that Ethan had given him.


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