Billionaire God of War Chapter 1978

Chapter 1978

Hector was instantly filled with energy and his eyes were sparkling with excitement.

He definitely wanted to kill Ethan because Ethan had humiliated him, so he wanted to skin Ethan alive right now. But he wanted to return to his sect even more than that.

His eyes grew more and more sinister, and they started to look gleeful too.

It was the will of heaven!

It had to be the will of heaven!

Even the heavens were on his side.

He was now wondering how he could return to the sect with the pages. If he opened the mountain gate now, he would have a very short period of time to go in before the gate closed again, so this was impossible to achieve all by himself.

Hector frowned and clenched his teeth. He was a little indignant about this.

If the Salo clan still existed, he might be able to think of a way to do this. But now he had to choose one or the other.

“I’ll go back!”

Having information on the manual alone was probably enough for him to get everything he wanted.

The sect could arrange for someone to get the pages themselves after that. He didn’t care what they did with the information.

After Hector made this decision, he didn’t hesitate.

He carefully checked the surroundings and was sure that Ethan wasn’t around. He immediately made a decision and flew out towards Evan.

Hector was like a typhoon as he flew at an astonishing speed.

Since Ethan wasn’t here, nobody could stop him!

“Punk!” he roared loudly like a ferocious beast that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere and brought a murderous air along with it. He continued to fly towards Evan and yelled, “Give me the manual!”

He laughed loudly and bared his teeth as he stretched one arm out towards Evan.

Evan stood there with a look of horror on his face as he quickly retreated, but his speed was nothing compared to a highly skilled fighter like Hector.

No matter how quickly he tried to run, Hector reached him in a matter of seconds.

His aggressive expression was filled with nothing but murder. “Hand it over!”

Evan immediately shuddered at this shout and threw the page he had in hand on the ground before running for his life.

Hector wasn’t interested in killing Evan at all.

Once he saw that the page had been flung onto the ground, he reached out to catch the page.

It was his now!

Once he placed this page here properly, he could open the gate and return to his sect!

Hector couldn’t hold his excitement back and even his eyes turned red as he laughed maniacally so loudly and thunderously that Evan and his men just kept running for their lives. They didn’t even think of getting those pages back anymore.

“I AM GOING BACK! MUAHAHAHA!” Hector looked up into the skies and laughed loudly.

He then looked back down at the page in his hands and suddenly stopped laughing. His eyes widened and he looked as though he had just been struck by lightning.

This wasn’t the Extreme Fist Technique Manual at all!

The paper was similar to the manual, but there was no diagram on the paper, and there was no map etched into the back either. There was only one word on it, and Hector almost lost his mind in anger when he saw it.


That was the only word printed on the paper.

“You want to go back?” a voice rang from behind him. Hector shuddered and slowly turned around. Ethan had suddenly appeared under a tree and was staring at him right now.

“You…you laid this trap?”

“Maybe you’re not that dumb after all.”

Ethan slowly walked towards him.

“I was thinking, I definitely have to open the mountain gate and go in, but there was one thing left that made me very unhappy.” He looked at Hector. “I must kill you first.”

His tone of voice was calm, but it reeked of intense murder!

“You think you alone can really kill me?”

“There’s still us!” Several figures walked out from the surrounding bushes. They were all elite soldiers who had fought countless battles!

Ethan had called them over to help, and they were all armed to the teeth with the most modern firearms. Their gun barrels were all aimed at Hector right now.

“The world of martial arts uses their arms and legs to conquer the world, but in this world, I think you ought to get a taste of this thing.”

Ethan raised his arm and Hector immediately paled.

He turned and wanted to escape, but he was already surrounded on all sides. As he looked at those black, icy and metallic gun barrels, he felt like his heart was already in his mouth!

“Send him on his way!”


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