Billionaire God of War Chapter 1980

Chapter 1980

Ethan was worried that Diane would dislike this and even feel afraid of it, but this was the best way at the moment for Ethan to carry all the information from the manual in case of an emergency.

Ethan left the actual pages back at the Extreme Martial Arts Academy in Greencliff for Ivan and the rest to chew on.

No matter what happened, he had to at least increase the general skill level of the martial arts circle.

Ethan took the clothes he left on the side and put them back on to cover the tattoos on his body well.

There was much preparation to be made before entering the mountain gate. Ethan wasn’t going to take risks rashly. He wasn’t afraid, since the word ‘fear’ didn’t exist in his vocabulary.

But his motive for entering the mountain gate was very clear. He needed to get the antidote and revive Diane.

Everything else had already been arranged, so the last thing he needed to do was to have a meal with his family.

He had to talk to them properly and bid them farewell properly. That should be the way.

Nobody knew whether the next day would come first or if an unforeseen accident would occur first.

“These are all your favorites. When you come back, I’ll cook them for you again.” April’s eyes were all red and she didn’t want to say anything sad, so she kept a smile on her face as well. But she knew that this trip that Ethan was taking this time round would be filled with great dangers.

She wanted to stop Ethan, because if something terrible happened to Ethan as well, then she wouldn’t be able to take it.

But she knew that Ethan had to go.

He wasn’t going to let Diane just lie on the bed like this. He wanted to see Diane back as her energetic and lively self again, and he wanted to see his beautiful child be born, to bring even more joy and happiness to this house.

“Mum, you have to learn a few more dishes. Once Diane wakes up, she’s going to be so hungry,” said Ethan with a laugh. “Also, I heard that children need certain things in their diet as they grow older. There’s so much to consider and it really makes my head spin. I’ll have to leave this to you, Mum.”

“We’ve got to get ready in advance and do our homework first.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of that. I’ll get everything ready and make sure your child is well fed and happy, ok?”

“Ok.” Ethan nodded and focused on eating. When April was in the kitchen washing up, he left the house.

Several hours later.

Back at Minstrel Mount.

They were back outside the mountain gate.

The cemetery caretaker stood there and looked at this familiar place where he had spent many years before and sighed.

“The move I taught you will be able to prove that you’re from the Clearheart Sect, you just need to display it when you need to,” he instructed. “I don’t know if the Extreme Fist Manual Technique is a blessing or a curse, but once you reveal anything about it, some people might attempt to kill you, so you must be very, very careful.”

“Also, only the highest ranked people in the sect would have the antidote, so even if you manage to infiltrate Clearheart Sect, you still have to be careful. If anyone finds out your real identity, they’ll definitely kill you!”

Even though Ethan was very powerful and extremely gifted, the universe behind the mountain gate was completely different. It was a martial arts world that was at a much higher level compared to the martial arts circle on this side of the gate.

The cemetery caretaker still had much reverence for that more superior martial arts world.

“Perhaps you know that the best fighters of the martial arts circle in this world eventually tried to enter this mountain gate. But after all these years, I’ve never heard of anyone who managed to survive the world inside and become successful. Do you know what I’m trying to say?”

Ethan nodded.

He understood that.

It meant that survival was going to be the biggest challenge to him.

The best fighters back then were also extremely powerful.

All of them called the shots within the martial arts circle and were all mighty giants in their own right. But after they went in, there was no more news about them. Either they were dead, or they were barely surviving.

“I understand. I’ll get the antidote and come right back.”

Ethan wasn’t very curious about the world behind the gate and didn’t dream of going there.

He just wanted to get the antidote and come home so that he could be by his wife and child’s side. This was more meaningful than being some invincible warrior or being rich and powerful.

“Ethan.” The cemetery caretaker took a deep breath and looked at Ethan seriously. There was a complicated look in his eyes. “I hope you come back alive.”


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