Billionaire God of War Chapter 1982

Chapter 1982

Ethan was so formidable, but he had been sentenced to become a Sinner and was being made to do menial work here.

He looked at Ethan but didn’t dare to say anything. He reluctantly picked up the broom he had flung to the ground again and swept the leaves while wondering exactly who Ethan was.

There were only two types of people in the sect who would be relegated to this place. Besides Outer Court disciples like himself who were taken into the sect at an older age, the other group was…

He suddenly froze on the spot and gulped as he looked a little fearfully at Ethan.

“Don’t tell me…you’re a senior from the Portico of the sect?!”

The sects here split the disciples into the Portico, Inner Court and Outer Court. He was someone from the Outer Court and wasn’t eligible to be part of the Inner Court at all. Becoming a member of the Inner Court was something to be proud of.

As for the Portico, only the most gifted disciples were eligible to be members.

Ratcliff had heard some time back about how more than ten members of the Portico had committed a huge mistake and were made Sinners. They had been sent to this secluded place and stayed here for a few decades!

In fact, apparently two of them had already died too…

This fellow was pretty highly skilled, so could he have been one of those Portico disciples?

When he thought about it this way, Ratcliff Beatty immediately put a smile on his face and looked ingratiatingly at Ethan.

“Senior? Did you just return?”

Ethan glanced at him and really didn’t like this fair weathered sort of person.

He had no idea how he had gone from being a Sinner to a Senior.

It was clear that the cemetery caretaker had been outside for too many years and there were many things he didn’t know about anymore.

“Just back,” said Ethan coldly.

Ratcliff was now sure that Ethan was really one of the Portico disciples that had been sentenced to this place!

That made Ethan a big shot to Ratcliff. Ratcliff was going to make friends with anybody with a higher status than himself, even if this person was only from the Inner Court.

Ratcliff was even more eager and quickly bowed before Ethan. “Senior, if you have any instructions, I’ll get it done for you!”

This guy changed his attitude faster than the weather.

Ethan glanced at him and said quietly, “I want to return to the sect. Can you help me?”

Ratcliff froze for a while.

Return to the sect?

Did that mean Ethan had already been exiled from the sect and was no longer a Portico disciple?

This sudden change came too quickly for Ratcliff.

He had just decided to become friends with Ethan and to butter him up so that Ethan could help him in the future. But it seemed like Ethan was in a worse predicament than himself now.

Ratcliff knew that once a disciple had become a Sinner, they would be punished for a few months or even a few years on average and that was it. But if one was exiled from the sect, then it would be hard to return to the sect.

The only way was to re-enter the sect and start from being an Outer Court disciple, then slowly work your way back into the Portico. That was ridiculously difficult!

His expression immediately looked a little awkward and he wasn’t sure whether he ought to be polite to Ethan or completely ignore him.

Even if Ethan managed to get back into the sect, his fellow seniors and juniors would despise him and would even secretly trip him over. After all, every additional member meant fewer resources for everyone.

Nobody wanted to see that others were doing better than themselves. That was an unsaid sentiment among everyone in the sect.

“Hoho, Senior, you must be kidding. It shouldn’t be difficult for someone at your level to return to the sect,” said Ratcliff with an awkward laugh. “You wouldn’t need my help.”

“I really do need your help,” said Ethan.

He had just arrived in this place and wasn’t familiar with this universe at all, so he didn’t even know the rules of Clearheart Sect at all. He had to conceal his identity and find a way to infiltrate the sect and get the antidote from the highest ranks of the sect, so this looked like the only way.

“If you can help me to return to the sect, then I’ll owe you a favor,” said Ethan as he looked at Ratcliff. “If you need my help for anything in the future, you can just say the word.”

A favor?

It was easy to write a blank check.


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