Billionaire God of War Chapter 1984

Chapter 1984

Ratcliff felt the same way. His throat felt a little dry from anxiety.

“Third Miss?”

He looked as though he had heard the name of a ghost and couldn’t help exclaiming in shock. He quickly covered his mouth and instinctively stepped back to stand behind Ethan.

“We don’t need a lot of people this time. Just one.” Helis said impatiently, “This is your chance to show how good you are. If Third Miss likes you, you don’t have to serve your sentence here. You might even get the chance to be sent to the Portico and the Inner Court!”

Despite his shouting, no one believed him.

Everyone knew how Helis said the same thing the last few times. But look what happened?

None of the people who went came back. It wasn’t because Third Miss liked them and got them to stay, but because they all died!

Third Miss was violent by nature and a good fighter. Every time she was in a bad mood, she wanted to fight. Even Inner Court and Portico disciples took detours to avoid her. But since they were merely Sinners, nobody dared to say anything even if she beat them to death.

“This is a good chance. It won’t always happen. If you don’t offer your services, you might not encounter this opportunity again,” said Helis loudly. “If you are interested, then step forward. I won’t decide for you!”

He was having such a hard time. Third Miss wanted to beat someone to death but insisted on someone good looking, highly skilled, and worse still, a willing party!

Who the hell would volunteer to die?

Helis felt as though his head was swelling. If he could pick someone, he would have done it already. It didn’t matter if they got beaten to death.

But Third Miss said he couldn’t force them against their will…

She wanted to beat someone to death. Wasn’t that considered forcing someone against their will?

Helis scoured the place. He noticed everyone inching backward. They didn’t dare to make eye contact with him out of fear he might single them out.

If he could make the decision, he wouldn’t have to waste his time here.

“Look, you might be Sinners, but you are still Clearheart Sect disciples. This is a rare opportunity and a stepping stone! This is your chance to move up the ladder. If you refuse, then all is lost! You won’t get a second chance!”

Helis did all he could to convince them, but no one stepped up.

Everyone was determined not to go. They looked as though they would rather spend their life here than die at Third Miss’ hands.

“If we get taken there, we will definitely die.”

Ratcliff shook his head. “No one has ever come back alive.”

“I will go.”

Just as he was about to remind Ethan to step back, a voice suddenly rang by his ear.

Ratcliff was instantly stunned.

It was Ethan!

Did he want to go?

He must be insane!

“Senior, Third Miss is…”

Ratcliff felt anxious. Ethan was his hope, but he was now recklessly sending himself to his death. He must be crazy, right?


Helis gestured for everyone to keep quiet, so Ratcliff didn’t dare to speak.

“Are you a willing participant? This is completely voluntary. Third Miss doesn’t want to make things difficult for anyone. You have to know this.”

He felt delighted that he finally found this pitiful fool. Now that his problem was solved, he could relax.

“Yup, I’m willing to go. I wasn’t forced by Third Miss.”

Ethan nodded. It sounded just like he always told Brother Geoff to convince others by example and never force them.

“It is my honor to be her sparring partner.”

Ethan was not about to let this perfect opportunity pass. If he continued staying here, god knew when he would make it inside the sect.

Diane didn’t have that much time, and he didn’t want to keep her waiting.

“You are very sensible!”

Helis gave Ethan a thumbs up and couldn’t help praising Ethan. But he sneered in his heart at what a fool Ethan was. He was bound to regret this after he met Third Miss.

But it had nothing to do with him. The death of a Sinner meant nothing. He was just doing his job.

“What’s your name?” asked Helis. He was asking so that he could at least add Ethan’s name to his own grave as a reward for his bravado.


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