Billionaire God of War Chapter 1989

Chapter 1989

“Third Miss, we can spar anytime. The day you win, I will go back,” said Ethan calmly.

However, he seemed arrogant from Lacey’s perspective!

Lacey bit her lip gently as she scoffed in her heart. Then a wicked idea suddenly rose in her heart.

“Do you want to go back?” asked Lacey. “If you go back, you will just remain a Sinner. You might not even get summoned back to the sect. Also, who will let you go without my permission? I’m warning you, I’m seriously upset now. If I am unhappy, there’s no way you will have an easy time. Understand?”

She stared at Ethan as she used her status to oppress him.

Lacey was hoping to see a look of fury and indignation on Ethan’s face. But she saw none of it.

Ethan remained calm. It felt as though he didn’t hear anything she said. He was cold, distant, and seemed devoid of any expression.

Was he a stone or something?

“Humph. I don’t like your reaction,” said Lacey.

Lacey stood with her hands behind her and felt a little angry. In the past, if anyone dared to annoy her, she would have ordered for him to be cut into pieces and fed to the dogs.

She inexplicably found him intriguing instead.

She didn’t even know why she thought this was interesting.

Ethan’s sudden appearance was like a dense fog and felt oddly strange to her.

“From now on, you will stay with me and spar with me whenever I please. I will let you go when I win you,” sneered Lacey, “You better not have any wise ideas. Or else…”

A murderous aura swept through the air!

In Clearheart Sect, her fury was even more severe than when the sect leader got angry. Everyone in the sect knew that.

“Don’t worry. I won’t have any wise ideas about you,” said Ethan.

The moment Ethan said this, Lacey became so angry that she almost couldn’t catch her breath. She was dying to get him executed.

Did he not have any wise ideas about her?

Was he trying to get her attention this way?

However, judging from Ethan’s expression, it seemed more honest than deliberate.

Lacey became even angrier.

She said coldly, “Come with me.”

She turned and walked off. Ethan said nothing as he followed behind her.

Ethan had already observed such childishness in Jenny before. However, Lacey wasn’t a smooth talker like Jenny, probably because Lacey led a pampered life.

Jenny came from a humble family while Lacey was the Clearheart Sect leader’s precious daughter, so their personalities ended up different.

Ethan decided to break into Clearheart Sect’s highest ranks through Lacey to get hold of the antidote.

His objective was clear and he wasn’t in the mood to play with a kid.

Nothing was more important than Diane. Even if Ethan had to play the villain to save her, he would do it without hesitation.

He followed behind Lacey without saying a word like a bodyguard.

Lacey didn’t say anything either. She was contemplating how to get back at Ethan. If she didn’t seek revenge for the humiliation she suffered at his hands, she would become a laughingstock.

Lacey could tell that Ethan was highly skilled. Or else he wouldn’t have been able to subdue her so quickly.

She wasn’t too bad herself and was an Inner Circle disciple.

Although she couldn’t compare to those talented Portico disciples, she was not too bad. Since Ethan was better than her, he was probably one of those Portico elders’ disciples.

But she hadn’t heard about any of those disciples becoming a Sinner.

But Lacey didn’t care about all this now.

Even if Ethan fell from the sky, she couldn’t swallow the insult. She simply had to teach him a lesson!


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