Billionaire God of War Chapter 1990

Chapter 1990

A bodyguard quickly ran over as Lacey left with Ethan.

“Third Miss, the sect leader has a message for you.”

“Humph. Hasn’t he had enough of scolding me? Did he send someone to punish me too?” Lacey was even angrier. She glanced at Ethan. “While he’s at it, go ahead and make me a Sinner!”

“Third Miss, please calm down,” said the bodyguard respectfully. “The sect leader said if you don’t pass the next test, you will…”

“Then what?”

“Then you will be sent to the Outer Court and start with the basics to build your foundation,” said the bodyguard cautiously. Since it was the sect leader’s orders, he had to tell Lacey word for word.

He took two steps back and lowered his head. If Lacey wanted to hit him, she would be going easy if she only slapped him a couple of times.

Lacey didn’t say anything. She bit her lip hard resentfully but felt mostly indignant.

She had just gotten bullied by Ethan, and now even her father was bullying her too. Was he going to demote her to the Outer Court if she failed the test?

Everyone in Clearheart Sect would laugh at her!

She would rather become a Sinner!

“It’s just a test.” Before Lacey said a word, Ethan shook his head mockingly. “It’s a breeze for Third Miss to pass it. Go back and tell the sect leader that Third Miss is aiming higher than the Inner Court.”

The bodyguard was stunned.

Lacey was equally shocked. She looked at Ethan in a daze and thought she heard wrongly.

What was he saying?

Didn’t he know how hard the test was?

Even almost half the Inner Court disciples failed the test!

If Ethan wanted to brag, he should have done it on his own instead of implicating Lacey.

Lacey almost wanted to cry.

“And you are?” asked the bodyguard instinctively.

“I am her sparring partner,” replied Ethan. “You can say it to the sect leader word for word. She won’t disappoint him.”

The bodyguard didn’t believe Ethan at all and just looked at Ethan as though he was some monster. He didn’t dare keep asking when he noticed Lacey’s anger, so he quickly nodded and turned to leave.

After a long time, Lacey finally composed herself. She looked at Ethan with a confused expression in her eyes.

“Do you know what you just said? You must have done it on purpose out of vengeance, right? Are you very disappointed that I didn’t kill you?”

She wanted to bite Ethan to death as she looked at him!

“Do you mean that you don’t have any confidence at all?” said Ethan calmly. “I don’t think you will have any problem passing the test.”

“You think? What gives you the right to have an opinion?”

Lacey was going nuts.

Lacey was on the brink of tears. She would get banished to the Outer Court if she failed. Then her name would be synonymous with embarrassment.

This alone was bad enough. How could Ethan make such bold promises? If her father believed Ethan and harbored any hope, he would end up more disappointed when she failed. Then she would…

“You’ve gotten me into major trouble!”

Ethan was going to get them both killed now.

“I will help you,” said Ethan calmly in a nonchalant tone, “I meant it when I said you would pass. It’s very easy. You will breeze right through it.”


“If you don’t, you can kill me,” said Ethan casually.

“If I heard him correctly, you have only one more month to go. Are you still going to waste time?”

He glanced at Lacey and waited for her reply.

Lacey pursed her lips. She felt as though she had suddenly walked into a trap but had no clue how she ended up here.

One month…

How much improvement could she make in a month? She didn’t even pass this test the last few times, and that’s why her father criticized her. Could Ethan help her pass in a month?

Only in her dreams!


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