Billionaire God of War Chapter 1991

Chapter 1991

Lacey looked at Ethan as though they were sworn enemies!

She was dying to rip Ethan apart.

Did this idiot want to perish together with her?

Lacey glared at Ethan with her eyes red. She said angrily, “I really want to kill you right now!”

“Regardless of whether you can kill me, what difference would it make?” said Ethan. “You should focus on passing the test. If you trust me, then listen to me, and I guarantee that you’ll pass.”

“Trust you?”

Lacey gritted her teeth. “Why should I trust you? How can you make such guarantees?”

Ethan smiled and showed off his pearly whites.

“Can you find some Inner Court disciples? The ones who can pass the test.”

“What are you trying to do?” asked Lacey.

She loathed the sight of Ethan now and was dying to kill him.

“Just find them, and I will prove it to you,” said Ethan.

“What do you mean?”

Lacey looked at Ethan warily. She was the Clearheart Sect leader’s daughter and had far higher status than Ethan, but she had a nagging feeling that she had fallen into a trap, and Ethan was in total control of it.

Despite clearly having these feelings, she surprisingly walked in without any protest and had no intention of leaving.

“You will know when you get them to come over,” said Ethan.

He didn’t offer any explanation.

The simplest solution tended to be the most effective at solving any problem.

Fortunately, Lacey was young and inexperienced, and might not even have left Clearheart Sect before. So her thinking was as simple as a piece of white paper.

These sorts of girls were particularly easy to deceive.

Ethan had a serious expression on his face. Lacey pouted and didn’t know what to say.

She didn’t seem to have any other choice now either.

A month wasn’t a long time. If she failed the test again, her father would certainly chase her to the Outer Court this time.

Lacey had witnessed how stern he was before.

If the high and mighty sect leader’s daughter got driven to the Outer Court to practice martial arts with mediocre disciples, how was she ever going to hold her head high again?

“I warn you. If I really get demoted to the Outer Court, I will kill you before I go!” said Lacey viciously.

Even if it came to that, it was all Ethan’s fault. If she failed the test…he was going to get it from her.

Ethan only smiled quietly.

Very quickly, Lacey came with the people that Ethan wanted.

She was the sect leader’s daughter, so this wasn’t a difficult task for her. But the five or six people didn’t seem like willing parties and looked worried.

Lacey really had quite the reputation.

“Greetings, Third Miss!”

The group greeted her in unison.

“I asked you here because I want you for sparring.”

The moment Lacey said those words, all of them paled.

They were uncomfortable about having to act like they couldn’t surpass her even though they could.

Lacey’s skills were honestly not as good as theirs. However, she was the sect leader’s most beloved baby girl.

“Put away those expressions. I’m not the one you’re sparring today.”

Lacey felt even more upset when she noticed their expressions. Was it that bad to spar with her?

She suddenly felt a little disappointed and conflicted when she realized that others didn’t like her that much.

“Then who will we spar?” someone couldn’t help asking.

“Him!” Lacey pointed at Ethan. She wondered how she should introduce him. “He’s my…my friend!”

She gritted her teeth and glared at Ethan and didn’t give him the opportunity to deny it.

“He says you Inner Court disciples are just paper tigers with subpar skills.”


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