Billionaire God of War Chapter 1992

Chapter 1992

Lacey’s words instantly made their faces darken.

If Ethan said this to some Outer Court disciples, they would even nod in agreement. However, none of these Inner Court disciples would hear any of it.

“The Inner Court disciples of Clearheart Sect are our pillars of strength. Although he is my friend, I’m offended that he said so.”

Lacey sounded like she didn’t treat Ethan as her friend. “I don’t like to just argue about it. I invited you here hoping you could tell him the truth with your fists and show him how good our Inner Court disciples are!”

With just a few words, Lacey triggered those Inner Court disciples.

Were their skills subpar?

Some of the women could still tolerate it, but not the men!

“Tsk. Which sect are you from? You sure talk big.”

They didn’t know who Ethan was and didn’t care that he was Lacey’s friend.

In any case, Lacey certainly didn’t sound like Ethan was genuinely her friend.

Lacey didn’t call them over for a friendly match. Instead, she wanted them to teach Ethan unless it was a lesson!

“You don’t have the right to know,” said Ethan as he glanced at them and acted disappointed.

Ethan could tell that Lacey had purposely provoked them to make them target him, but he didn’t care. That one phrase from him made the anger they had suppressed inside instantly explode!

They didn’t have the right to know?

They were Clearheart Sect’s Inner Court disciples. All of them became grandmasters at such a young age. Some of them rapidly reached advanced grandmaster level too. They were evidently talented.

But Ethan said they weren’t good enough to know his name?

He was simply too arrogant!

“You are way too arrogant!”

A silhouette stepped forward and bowed, “I am Fergus Mclean. I would like to spar with you and see how powerful you are!”

Ethan shook his head.

“What do you mean?”

Fergus Mclean was at a loss.

“Are you afraid?”

Ethan reached a finger out and pointed at Fergus Mclean before pointing at the others. “Attack together. Stop wasting my time.”

Even Lacey was stunned.

He was too damned arrogant!

Who on earth was Ethan?

Wasn’t he just a Sinner?

Even if he used to be a Portico disciple, he shouldn’t be so arrogant. The people she brought over were all outstanding Inner Court disciples and had already passed the test.

Ethan…was asking to get killed!

Lacey bit her lip as she wondered whether she had gone overboard.

Although she hated Ethan, it didn’t seem right to stand on the sidelines and let them finish him off.

“Forget it! He deserves it for being so irritating!” Lacey scoffed and hesitated for a moment in her heart. But when she thought about Ethan’s arrogant expression, she didn’t care about him anymore.

All of them stepped forward and surrounded Ethan.

Since Ethan asked for it, they weren’t going to hold back!

If Ethan kept a low profile and was more humble, they would go easy on him. But Ethan was cocky and disrespected them, so he had no one to blame but himself.

If they didn’t break Ethan’s legs, then these Inner Court disciples would have embarrassed the entire sect.

“Young man, you shouldn’t act arrogantly. Or else, you might not be able to suffer the consequences.” Fergus looked at Ethan. “If you kneel and beg for mercy, we will put an end to this right now. Otherwise…you probably won’t be able to walk out of Clearheart Sect standing!”

He clenched his fists and decided that he would give Ethan three seconds.

In three seconds, he would throw Ethan onto the ground!

The moment he finished his sentence, Fergus moved in on Ethan. Despite his words, he had no intention of giving Ethan the opportunity to admit defeat. How could he let him off without beating him up hard?


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