Billionaire God of War Chapter 1995

Chapter 1995

“Not only can I help you pass your test, but I can also turn you into the most outstanding disciple,” said Ethan with a serious face.

Lacey appeared like she was looking at a monster.

She honestly didn’t believe a single word Ethan said.

Those lies might work on children. Did Ethan really think she was dumb?

The most outstanding disciple?

She would count her lucky stars if he could make her pass the test!

“Do you know what you are saying?”

“You doubted me earlier too.” Ethan shrugged. “And what happened in the end?”

Lacey called a few Inner Court disciples over, and Ethan defeated them with a single move.

That was what happened when Lacey doubted Ethan.

She stopped talking. She felt like two people were fighting inside her heart. One of them said to trust Ethan since she had no choice.

And the other voice nodded profusely and told her to trust him!

Lacey saw his prowess with her own eyes.

For a moment, she suspected Ethan bought Fergus and the others over to help him put on an act.

Then she recalled Ethan was a Sinner whom she had called over to spar with, so Fergus didn’t know him.

Even if they did, why would they put on an act?

Lacey was keenly aware that the only advantage she had was her status as the sect leader’s daughter. In terms of fighting skills, she ranked at the bottom in the Inner Court, and everyone said she was in the Inner Court purely because of her connections.

If her father wasn’t the sect leader, she would have been in the Outer Court.

And that was precisely why her father was angry with her. Her father felt upset from hearing all the gossip and scolded her for being a disappointment and took it out on her.

“If you can do it, I can release you,” said Lacey as she looked at Ethan seriously.

Those were the stakes she offered, and it was the only thing she could do.

“It’s a deal,” said Ethan.

He remained calm and nonchalant the entire time.

Lacey was still half convinced. However, she could certainly trust Ethan now that he had displayed his powers.

But she was also curious. Considering how powerful Ethan was, there were barely any other people in Clearheart Sect who were stronger than him.

Ethan asked for some men, materials, and some other strange things. He was so blunt about his requests that he sounded like this was his own home.

Lacey did some calculations and realized he had utilized all the resources she could get her hands on.

“Hey, what are you trying to do? Are you building a house or something?”

She didn’t even know what Ethan wanted to do.

Wasn’t he supposed to help her with her test? Why did he hire workers to make cement?

Ethan ignored her. He asked for a small empty space that was big enough for Lacey to train in.

The training equipment was different from the ones used by Brother Geoff and the others. Since Lacey was a girl, she couldn’t compare to them in terms of strength. Instead, she needed to hone her agility and flexibility.

He wasn’t going to focus on training up her strength.

After exchanging a few blows with Lacey, Ethan had identified her characteristics in terms of speed and her habits, so he tailored the equipment for her based on that knowledge.

Lacey was really confused when she saw the strange things Ethan asked for getting built.

She didn’t know what the equipment was and had never seen it before.

Although she had undergone various training as a sect disciple, she had never laid eyes on the things Ethan was building.

Was Ethan going to use this for training and improve her skills?

Was he kidding?

After one day, Lacey’s mind was filled with questions. She wanted to ask, but she knew Ethan would ignore her.

She needed a favor from Ethan, so she had to ask nicely.

She was the daughter of the sect leader! She never had to be so humble before!


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