Billionaire God of War Chapter 1996

Chapter 1996


Ethan sat on a chair and drank his tea calmly, but Lacey felt upset. “Don’t tell me I can pass the test just using this?”

Ethan took a sip of tea and smacked his lips. This tea wasn’t as tasty as the one back home.

He raised his head to glance at Lacey and said randomly, “Demonstrate the contents of the test, so I can make final adjustments.”

Lacey looked at him like he was some fool.

He did all this before knowing what her test was going to be about?

He must be insane!

No, she was the one who was insane. How could she trust him?


“Stop wasting time,” said Ethan seriously.

He didn’t have much time since he hadn’t come to Clearheart Sect to help Lacey improve.

He had clear objectives.

Lacey felt a little indignant. In all her life, she had never been so humble. She barely knew Ethan but had to do as he said without knowing what he was planning.

She couldn’t help obeying Ethan when she heard his voice and was incapable of retaliating.

“The test is about things like speed, agility and more. We are scored based on a combination of our abilities.” Lacey demonstrated once before looking at Ethan angrily. “My agility isn’t very good, and my defense is poor, so I lose all the time.”

Even her father told her this was mostly about talent, and it wasn’t easy to train. What could Ethan do about it?

She could already envision herself failing the tests again and get driven to the Outer Court with her tail between her legs. She would become a laughing stock in Clearheart Sect.

Lacey felt sad thinking about it.

Ethan remained expressionless. He watched intently as Lacey showed him the test before walking to the training grounds.

“Hey, stop being so serious. You were so confident when you first said you could make me pass. Have you lost confidence now?”

“Didn’t you tell me to believe you? What now? What’s with the attitude?”

“If you really can’t make me pass, I will just drag you under with me.”

Lacey talked nonstop, but Ethan ignored her.

He stood at the starting point and suddenly moved!

He was like a panther the moment he ran!

He was as fast as lightning!

A sharp abrasive sound could even be heard when he stepped on the ground.

Lacey was stunned.

Ethan instantly transformed into an agile monkey and was swift and nimble.

The strange apparatus suddenly came to life, and Ethan was even more swift than them!

He darted about within the obstacle course with absolute agility.

“What on earth…”

Lacey was stunned. Even the bodyguards nearby stared at him with their mouths open.

A look of surprise, shock, and disbelief flashed across their faces and the shock on their faces became increasingly intense.

“Is…that possible?” murmured Lacey with her mouth open.

The image of Ethan going through the obstacle course kept flashing through her mind from the moment he started and ran at lightning speed to get past all the obstacles with great agility…

Ethan had already come back with a slight frown on his face when she composed herself.

“More adjustments have to be made, but we are almost there. If you can finish it in eight minutes, you should have no problem passing the test.”

Lacey’s head spun.

Eight minutes?

Ethan finished in about ten seconds, but he asked her to finish it in eight minutes?

He was looking down on her?!

Lacey bit her lip and glared at Ethan angrily. “I don’t need eight minutes!”

Lacey sneered as she pulled up her sleeves and walked up to the starting point. She wanted to prove that she didn’t need so much time for something of this level. Ethan kept looking down on her and she couldn’t stand it anymore.

After making that declaration, she dashed out. But after attempting the first obstacle…


An obstacle swept across horizontally and sent Lacey flying!


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