Billionaire God of War Chapter 1997

Chapter 1997

Lacey was sprawled on the ground with dirt on her face. She finally spat dirt from her mouth after coughing hard a few times. She was on the brink of tears.

How…how was this possible?

It was just the first obstacle and she had already been hit out of the course!

What happened? She didn’t even manage to see anything. How could she react in time?

Lacey felt like crying.

She had never been so embarrassed all her life.

“Stop looking!” yelled Lacey loudly. “Turn back, all of you!”

All the bodyguards hurriedly turned and pretended they saw nothing.

They didn’t want to provoke Lacey and come to a bad end!

“What was that?” Lacey’s face flushed red as she looked at Ethan. “I wasn’t even able to react in time.”

She almost forgot about how she was unhappy with the time limit Ethan suggested and thought it was too easy. But now, she failed even the first obstacle.

“Exactly,” said Ethan. “You failed the test because you don’t even have the basic reflexes. If you can’t even react in time, what else can you do?”

“You…” Lacey’s face flushed even redder.

Ethan said the truth bluntly without considering her feelings.

“It seems I have asked too much of you.” Ethan glanced at the training equipment. “Shall I make it easier?”

Lacey blushed crimson and was speechless. Ethan was insulting her!

“It’s fine!” she shouted.

She glared at Ethan viciously. “How dare you look down on me? If you can do it, so can I.”

Ethan had completed the obstacle course very swiftly. Lacey knew that she had to practice very hard to reach his standard.

She might even never catch up to Ethan’s level.

His skills were insane!

A question flashed through her mind. Ethan was so strong that even she could see it plainly. How did he end up being a Sinner?

Clearheart Sect wasn’t like the other sects. If not for the special mission that was given to them and made their sect’s standing pretty high in this place, Clearheart Sect ranked at the bottom in terms of actual prowess.

All these years, her father kept trying to improve Clearheart Sect. He did his best to find talented disciples. However, Ethan…

…had actually been made a Sinner.

Lacey only contemplated for a while and tossed it to the back of her mind, thinking it was none of her business.

She had to focus on passing the test!

Ethan watched as Lacey sulked and walked back to the training grounds and got ready. He sat back onto the chair and waved his hand. “Bring some snacks over.”

The bodyguard beside him looked upset.

He didn’t like the way Ethan scolded Lacey. It was simply audacious!

“Third Miss is tired and needs some food,” said Ethan.

The bodyguard had no choice. How could he say no since Lacey was hungry?

Very quickly, the tea and snacks arrived.

Ethan sat down to drink tea and ate snacks. He watched Lacey as she rolled around on the ground because of the obstacles and got herself filthy.

“Still can’t do it? Why don’t you give up already? You are simply too slow .”

“Even the kitchen cook is faster than you. There’s no way you can pass the test, so give up already.”

“Why are you so dumb? You can’t even pass such a simple obstacle course?”

Lacey already slaughtered Ethan 1000 times in her heart!

If she couldn’t already sense minor changes in her and knew that Ethan was only saying such awful things in order to agitate her and make her improve more quickly, she would certainly have bitten him to death.

After failing the same obstacle several times, Lacey finally figured it out. In that moment, she suddenly was suddenly inspired and was filled with great agility.

It never dawned on her before!


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