Billionaire God of War Chapter 1998

Chapter 1998

The obstacle course seemed to have taken a life of its own and felt like a living and breathing enemy!

It was cunning, ferocious and violent, so Lacey had to treat each obstacle seriously!

It was simply amazing!

Lacey spent the entire afternoon going at it tirelessly. She kept trying again after many failed attempts. By the time she made it through the entire obstacle course for the first time, she was already drenched in sweat.

However, the joy that it brought her was indescribable!

“I made it!” Lacey smiled as she looked smugly at Ethan. “Did you see that? I made it!”

“I saw it. You only finished the obstacle course once all afternoon. Do you think you’re brilliant?” Ethan shook his head calmly. “Even a granny is better than you.”

Lacey’s initial joy was entirely doused by Ethan’s words in an instant.

She gritted her teeth and restrained her urge to bite Ethan to death.

“I’ll tolerate your words for now! I’m going to teach you a lesson after I pass the test!”

She sneered and told herself not to lower herself to Ethan’s level. She could deal with him after the test.

At least for now, Ethan’s method was effective and she could already feel it.

Lacey kept looking at Ethan while she rested. It felt as though looking at his face and feeling angry gave her more energy.

Ethan calmly sat as he ate and drank. He was never one to treat himself shabbily.


Fergus looked very angry after he had dressed his injuries.

Many of them remained astonished that Fergus had actually been beaten up.

He was one of those disciples who were likely to get into the Portico!

“Senior? How did you get hurt?” asked someone.

Fergus suppressed his anger and inhaled deeply. “I accidentally fell!”

That must have been one hell of a fall since he even broke some bones.

Fergus returned to his quarters in low spirits and felt even angrier thinking about how Ethan defeated him.

The moment he recalled Ethan’s arrogance, he felt extremely annoyed inside.

“That toad!” snapped Fergus furiously as he slammed the table.

The more he thought about it, the more indignant he felt. This unknown man defeated him effortlessly in front of Lacey.

None of them dared to speak. They agreed to keep it a secret since no one wanted the embarrassment. Even then, none of them could get over it.


The door opened, and the other disciples who got beaten up by Ethan came in together.

“We checked with the Disciplinary Hall. He is a Sinner, but we don’t know why he is getting punished.”

“Humph. Only a few Portico disciples have been punished before and we know all their names. But we’ve never heard of this one!”

“We don’t know where he’s from! He must have infiltrated Clearheart Sect to get close to Third Miss! He must have an ulterior motive!”

All of them chimed in one after another.

Fergus narrowed his eyes. “We don’t know where he’s from? Then he must have an ulterior motive! He’s probably deceived Third Miss. We must do something about it!”

Fergus instantly stood up. “Inform the Disciplinary Master and tell him that someone has infiltrated Clearheart Sect and is endangering Third Miss!”

They took a few men and hurried over to Lacey’s quarters immediately.

So long as they could prove no one knew where Ethan was from, it didn’t matter whether Ethan intended to harm Lacey. He would make Ethan pay the price regardless!

Clearheart Sect was a very special place, and anyone who infiltrated the sect had to pay a hefty price.

A very painful price!

They notified the Disciplinary Hall to send men over while they marched to Lacey’s quarters menacingly without hesitation.

“What are you doing?”

The bodyguards stopped them at the door.

Fergus sneered, “Get out of the way! Third Miss is in danger! How dare you stop me?”


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