Billionaire God of War Chapter 1999

Chapter 1999

The bodyguards’ faces altered instantly.

Third Miss was in danger?

The sect leader personally selected them to protect Lacey.

If anything befell her, they would be in trouble!

“Get out of the way!” Fergus ignored them and charged right in.

The people behind him quickly followed him in.

The bodyguards glanced at each other.

“Isn’t Third Miss training now? What danger is she in? Stand guard there while I check!”

Two bodyguards stood guard at the entrance while the rest hurried inside.

At the empty space.

Lacey was still training.

She didn’t complain about hardship or fatigue, and Ethan was particularly surprised.

Lacey did not complain or give up just because she was the daughter of the sect leader.

She was different from the other privileged disciples and expected a lot from herself instead.

Despite being a woman, Lacey trained hard with a look of determination on her face and left Ethan impressed.

She was just a teenage girl, but she was doing far more training than he assigned her.

Ethan didn’t stop her, even when she got covered in sweat and looked disheveled.

“Quickly now! Stop him. Don’t let him run!”

A bunch of people suddenly charged in and pointed at Ethan angrily from a distance.

Ethan continued sitting where he was nonchalantly.

He was sitting with a teacup in his hand and appeared unbothered as Fergus looked at him gloatingly.

“There’s no escape!” Fergus stood in front of Ethan and pointed at him. “You aren’t from Clearheart Sect! How dare you sneak in? Why are you here?”

Ethan had completely no intention of running. His composure made Fergus upset.

For a moment, Fergus felt like a clown who kept jumping up and down in front of Ethan. However, Ethan didn’t react at all and looked at him as though he were a fool.

This made Fergus even angrier.

“Why am I here?”

Ethan glanced at them. He recalled these were the Inner Court disciples whom he defeated in the morning.

Did they come looking for trouble so quickly?

He merely defeated them. Did they have to hate him so much?

After all, there was no shame in being defeated by him since he had won and even killed plenty of people before.

“I don’t know what you are saying.” Ethan shook his head and sipped some tea. “I suggest that you do not disturb Third Miss. She has quite the temper. Don’t you already know that?”

Fergus looked worried.

He certainly knew that Lacey had a bad temper.

However, Ethan was simply too irritating!

Especially when Ethan just sat and drank tea and ate snacks while the rest of them stood around. Who did he think he was?!

“Enough of your nonsense! We have investigated, and you are not a Sinner! You are not from Clearheart Sect! So where are you from?” roared Fergus angrily. The rest of them looked like they were ready to fight if any disagreement occurred.

Ethan narrowed his eyes. He knew that he couldn’t keep his identity secret for long.

He wasn’t from Clearheart Sect to begin with, so it was easy to blow his cover. It was impossible to keep it under wraps for long.

Ethan needed the right identity to stay at Clearheart Sect and he was working on it now.

“Third Miss!” Ethan couldn’t be bothered with Fergus. He raised his head and called for Lacey.

Lacey had lost herself in the training and was doing it like crazy.

It was unbelievable!

It was simply incredible!


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