Billionaire God of War Chapter 2003

Chapter 2003

Fergus and the rest were decided. They did not hesitate as they came to a decision on the spot.

Fergus wasn’t one who acted rashly. He did his homework and paid quite handsomely to get information on Sinners from the Disciplinary Hall. He checked the list of Sinners and confirmed that Ethan’s name wasn’t in it.

This was irrefutable evidence. Ethan wasn’t going to talk his way out of this!

Ethan wasn’t the only one who was going to suffer the sect leader’s wrath when the sect leader found out about this. Lacey wasn’t going to escape punishment too.

The thought made Fergus feel a lot better.

He remembered how Ethan had defeated him in a single move. He felt as though there was something lodged in his chest and he could do nothing about it. He felt terrible.

He stared at the night and couldn’t wait for daylight to arrive. When the sect leader paid a visit to Lacey, they would turn up and tell the sect leader the truth!

This was going to be a long night.

Ethan was seated on the ground with his legs folded. He was as still as an unmoving statue. He did not move the entire night.

Lacey couldn’t be bothered with him. She had made arrangements and found him a place to sleep. Ethan was the one who didn’t head for his accommodation. Was he worried that someone might break into his room in the middle of the night?

What was he thinking?

Dawn arrived.

Lacey woke up early that morning. She changed into her training attire and hurried to the training ground.

She didn’t want to waste any time.

She saw Ethan in the distance. He had woken up earlier than she had and had instructed the guards to prepare tea and some snacks. Seated in the rattan chair, he looked as if he had made himself at home.

Lacey was overcome by sudden annoyance at the sight.

This man certainly made himself at home!

Her lips parted and she appeared on the verge of saying something, but then decided against it after some thought. Sulking, she darted into the training ground and began training furiously as a way of venting her frustration.

“The intent shifts but not the form,” Ethan said as he sipped at his tea. “Why strike first when one can strike later?”

“That damn Ethan. That stupid Ethan. What’s up with the air of mystery? Can’t he speak plainly?”

Despite her incessant mutterings of protest, Lacey diligently memorized the words that Ethan had said and contemplated them seriously.

What Ethan had said might seem simple but hidden within those words was an immense profundity. This man…

It was with the greatest reluctance and displeasure that Lacey admitted to the truth. Her instincts told her that Ethan, undeniably, had a few tricks up his sleeve. In fact, she had a feeling that he was more powerful than her old man.

Was this just a delusion on her part?

Lacey funneled her attention and energy into her training. She was lost in her own mind. Ethan’s voice was the only thing that she heard. The numerous obstacles on the training ground were the only things she saw…

Ethan simply sat there calmly. He observed as Lacey slipped into a state of intense concentration, then fell silent.

“Chief O’Clear!”

Upon seeing Liam O’Clear when they looked up, the guards at the gates addressed him hurriedly.

Liam O’Clear waved his hand to silence them. He didn’t want to interrupt Lacey’s training.

He stared at Lacey fixedly, watching her as she spun and danced on the training grounds like a monkey that had discovered its innate agility.

“Impressive,” Liam O’Clear couldn’t help but murmur.

He looked up. His eyes landed on Ethan.

It was a man whom he had not seen before.

He was composed and calm. He had sensed Liam’s presence as soon as Liam had stepped onto the training grounds. Nevertheless, no emotion appeared on Ethan’s face. He did not deem Liam worthy of his attention.

He had an unrestrained arrogance that was innate as well!

Liam O’Clear did not say a word. He simply frowned slightly as he stared at Ethan.

Ethan turned and their eyes met instantly.

In that moment, it was as if a sudden electrifying current had traveled through the air and sparked something. A terrifying aura filled the training ground.

Even Lacey, who had been immersed in her training, felt something. She froze momentarily and was hit by a moving wooden dummy. The impact sent her flying.

“Ah!” Lacey howled in pain. She felt a pair of hands catch her before she could crash into the ground.


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