Billionaire God of War Chapter 2004

Chapter 2004

Her heart skipped a beat. She was hardly in the right mind to look at the person who had caught her. She bit her lips lightly and blushed bashfully.

There was only one person who had been within proximity.

That man…had really sturdy, strong hands.

“Why are you blushing?”

Upon hearing a sudden, familiar voice, Lacey gasped out loud and turned her head hurriedly.


It was Liam O’Clear.

Lacey’s face turned a brighter shade of red instantly. She had mistaken him for…

She turned her head and looked. Ethan was still seated at the same spot. He didn’t seem like he was planning on standing up any time soon. He looked relaxed, as if he had not witnessed her nearly falling.

“That creep!” Lacey cursed secretly.

He didn’t know how to take care of a lady at all.

She was a girl!

“Father, why are you here?”

Lacey was a little nervous. She had not expected Liam to check on her so soon.

She had been lost in her training. She had not noticed when he had arrived and how long he had been watching her.

“How would I know how hard you’re working if I didn’t check on you? You worked so hard you nearly injured yourself.”

Liam’s voice sounded gentle. Lacey was slightly taken aback. Was this the same man who had rebuked her for not working hard enough and criticized her on her slow progress?

She was momentarily dazed. She took another look to make sure that the stern man before her was Liam, the sect leader of Clearheart Sect and her very own father.

This was too surreal.


Lacey’s eyes turned red. All throughout her life, she had heard only words of disapproval and criticism from Liam. She couldn’t remember him ever uttering words of concern for her.

She was about to say something when she remembered that Ethan was still sitting there.

This man was being utterly disrespectful towards her father. Her father was the sect leader of Clearheart Sect, for goodness’ sake.

The sect leader was here. How could he remain seated and not rise to his feet?

Before Lacey could yell at Ethan, she heard a sudden commotion outside the gates.

“We want to speak to the sect leader!”

“Let us in. We have an important matter to report to the sect leader. Don’t stand in our way!”

“You won’t be able to handle the consequences of holding us up!”

It was Fergus and his gang.

This wasn’t the time for Liam to turn his attention to Ethan. He turned towards the gates and frowned slightly.

Who was causing a scene?

It didn’t take long for the guards to stand aside. They dared not stop Fergus and his gang. Their threats had sounded serious and genuine. The guards couldn’t possibly shoulder the consequences of something happening because they had stopped Fergus and his gang at the gates.

“Chief O’Clear!”

Fergus and his gang marched briskly towards Liam. It wasn’t every day that they could see Liam within spitting distance.

Besides, they were about to make a fine contribution to the sect!

They gazed upon Liam with anticipation in their eyes, then glanced at Ethan. He was still sitting there. Their hearts filled with glee.

“That idiot is actually not making a run for it? The sect leader is here! Is he trying to get himself killed?”

“He won’t be able to run when the sect leader gets into a rage later. He’s dead meat!”

“We’ll trample on that fool’s corpse. He’s going to be the stepping stone that’ll send us into the Portico!”

Fergus and his gang were trembling with excitement. They walked right up to Liam and greeted him deferentially. “Greetings, Chief O’Clear!”

Liam frowned.

He had seen the emblem on their clothes. They were merely Inner Court disciples. A dark look settled on his face.

Inner Court disciples should speak to the principal of the Inner Court if they had any dispute or grievances to address. They had barged into Lacey’s courtyard instead. What was the meaning of this?

Did they think that Lacey was someone whom they could push around easily?

Liam eyed Fergus and his gang with a thunderous look on his face and his eyelid twitched. Fergus was gripped by a sudden wave of nervousness.

“Chief O’Clear, we have something to report to you. It’s…it’s something really important!” Fergus lowered his head and said respectfully.

He tilted his face as he spoke and stared at the unmoving Ethan, who had been sitting there all this while and his lips curled upwards smugly. With a few words, he was going to send Ethan from his chair onto the ground and onto his knees!

Liam caught Fergus looking at Ethan. He turned and stared at Ethan too.

As soon as their eyes met, Liam said suddenly. “You’re here.”


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