Billionaire God of War Chapter 2007

Chapter 2007

Neither of them uttered a word. They didn’t make a single sound.

“Train hard. I’ll be there at your test.”

Liam didn’t say anything else. He didn’t say anything to Ethan, leaving immediately after he had spoken to Lacey.

Lacey was stunned and stood there like an idiot.

What…was going on?

Ethan had remained in his seat through it all. He hadn’t moved a single inch when Liam had appeared. He just drank his tea and ate his snacks.

It was clear that he was behaving as if he were Liam’s superior.

Lacey wasn’t a fool. In the years that she had lived, she had not seen someone treat Liam this way.

“Hey.” Liam had not answered her question earlier, so she turned and looked at Ethan instead. “What is going on? How did you know…”

Something struck her suddenly. Her pupils contracted.

“You spoke of someone who asked you to help me out. Is that…that’s impossible! Why wouldn’t he instruct me himself? How did the two of you get to know each other? What’s this Extreme Sect? I’ve never heard of it. I’ve also never heard of…”

This was driving Lacey insane.

She felt as if she was being kept in the dark. She knew nothing and had looked like such an idiot in front of Ethan and Liam.

“You’re still a kid. There are some things that you don’t know,” Ethan said mildly. “You’re not ready to know them yet. You know what I mean?”

This man was still trying to bullshit his way through!

Lacey didn’t voice the thoughts in her head.

She stared at Ethan, then bit her lips lightly. “You…are all snakes!”

Was he planning on humoring her this way?

She fumed and couldn’t be bothered to talk to him anymore. Now that she knew that Liam knew Ethan, she had decided that she didn’t care anymore.

Lacey turned away and returned to the training ground. Ethan remained in his chair. The guards stood around him. The look in their eyes had taken on a hint of respect.

“There’s no more tea,” said Ethan.

“Yes, Sir. I’ll have a fresh pot of tea brewed for you right away.”

A guard raced towards him and left with the teapot in his hands. He returned shortly and placed the teapot down carefully before taking a measured step back.

No one had expected Ethan and the sect leader to know each other. Furthermore, they had not expected him…to share such a unique relationship with the sect leader.

In fact, Ethan was the only person who knew that the both of them didn’t know each other at all.

When Liam had said “You’re here”, he had been testing Ethan. He had been confirming his identity.

Ethan’s reply had been swift and honest. In replying “So I am,” he had revealed his identity to Liam.

He had been betting.

And he had won.

Clearheart Sect was indeed an extraordinary place. Liam had known that he had come from the world outside the mountain but he had feigned ignorance.

It was clear that Liam knew a great many things. At least, he was definitely aware of the world outside the mountain, the Extreme Fist Technique manual, and the significance of the word “Extreme”.

“Things are becoming more complicated.”

The information that the cemetery caretaker had shared with him must be obsolete. Perhaps it did not paint the complete picture. It was of no use to him.

How many sects were there within the mountain? What were the dynamics amongst the various sects? Ethan knew nothing of that.

He had arrived here with a blank slate. He had no clues and no information. It was going to be tough for him to survive like this.

“The antidote,” Ethan thought to himself. “The rest doesn’t matter. My top priority is to find the antidote and save Diane.”

Liam’s attitude earlier indicated that getting the antidote wasn’t going to be that much of a problem.

He could simply ask Liam directly when he met the latter again. The next time Clearheart Sect held its test was going to be the next time they met.


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