Billionaire God of War Chapter 2008

Chapter 2008

Ethan’s status had taken a sudden turn.

The guards’ attitude towards him wasn’t the only thing that had changed. Lacey couldn’t figure out who Ethan really was either. She wasn’t sure what relationship he shared with her father.

From the way that they had spoken to each other, it seemed…like they were equals.

Lacey dared not ask too many questions. Ethan wasn’t going to tell her anything anyway. He might even rebuke her fiercely.

Something had become different in the courtyard.

Ethan had risen suddenly to become the master of the place. Even Lacey had to obey his word. She trained the way Ethan told her to without voicing a word of complaint.

During this time, Liam had made his way back to his study. Within a few moments, Helis arrived.

He had timed his arrival precisely, knocking on Liam’s door after Liam’s earlier anger had abated.

“Come in.”

Helis heard Liam’s voice in the study.

He smiled, pushed the door open and walked in.

“Chief O’Clear.”

“You timed this, didn’t you? You know I’m no longer as angry as I was earlier.”

Helis smiled sheepishly. “You weren’t angry in the first place. That much, I do know.”

Liam wasn’t angry earlier. He was just caught in a predicament as he was hesitant about what he should do about Ethan, the man who had appeared without any warning. In fact, his mind might not yet be made up on the matter.

“So I am.” Ethan’s reply had been brutally blunt. There had been no attempt at evasion or tact.

Ethan’s reply had shocked Helis too. Ethan’s honesty had been brusque. He had left nothing hidden.

It had been excessively bold of him to utter those words.

“The one that the legend speaks of is here.”

“Chief O’Clear, are you certain that he is the one?”

“Are you suggesting that he isn’t?”

Helis smiled and shook his head. He wouldn’t dare to contradict the sect leader.

He didn’t possess the ability to make that judgment.

There was something about Ethan that felt different from others his age though. He seemed more candid. He was a Sinner who had appeared out of nowhere, and his friends must have helped him with the mark on his body.

Liam started to pace the room. “Is it done?”

“Yes. He has no ties with Clearheart Sect currently. He is no longer a Sinner, only a guest at our sect,” replied Helis.

Liam scoffed lightly before nodding in approval.

“You don’t need me to say a word, do you? You know exactly what I want done. You’re the only one who does.”

Helis smiled wordlessly.

He didn’t have to say anything. Their relationship went beyond that of master and subordinate.

“If the legend is true, his arrival marks the beginning of change to the current situation in the mountain.” The expression on Liam’s face was severe. He couldn’t help but sigh. “It’s been years and the current situation is a mess. If this continues, all of us…will be done for!”

He looked solemn and there was worry in his eyes. Should they pin their hopes on such a young man?

That sounded preposterous.

“Come what may,” said Helis. “All we have to do is to obey heaven’s will. The rest is not up to us.”

Liam turned and looked at Helis. He narrowed his eyes.

“You should be the sect leader instead.”

Helis waved his hands frantically in refusal.

Anyone else would have thought that Liam was angry and that he had spoken those words with the intention to mock and intimidate Helis. But Helis merely smiled without a hint of fear.

“No, not me. I’m not up for the job.”


Liam fell silent.

“How about Fergus and the other disciples? I’m afraid they will start to suspect Ethan’s origins,” said Helis.

“Let Cid handle this.” Liam snorted coldly.

He had meted out a harsh punishment to Cid, so Cid was going to do the same to Fergus and his fellow disciples. This incident served as a warning to Fergus and everyone against attempting anything untoward.

Helis gave a nod of understanding and left Liam’s study without saying another word.

He had to announce the punishment that had been meted out to Cid immediately. That was the Disciplinary Hall’s job.


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