Billionaire God of War Chapter 2009

Chapter 2009

In the halls of the Inner Court, something was happening at the same time.

“Mr Terrik, we weren’t…”


There was a thunderous look on Cid’s face. Fury and bloodthirst colored his eyes and they looked ready to tear into someone.

He glared at Fergus and his gang.

“You’re really something, aren’t you? You barged into Third Miss’s courtyard brazenly and what made things worse is that you did it because you wanted to speak to the sect leader. So, what emergency had you demanding to speak to the sect leader directly instead of talking to me first? Is the Inner Court too small to accommodate your greatness? Do you think me unworthy of your attention? You had the audacity to disregard the rules of our sect and bypass your direct superiors. Am I dead to you?”

Cid’s palm slammed loudly on the table and sent the teacups on the table shaking violently.

Blood had drained completely from the faces of Fergus and his fellow disciples. An icy cold had overtaken them. They couldn’t utter a single word.

They wouldn’t dare to voice a sound of protest even if Cid were to kill them out of fury now.

How could they have known that Ethan and the sect leader had known each other all along? How could they have known that the two shared a relationship that seemed more than ordinary? Cid, the principal of the Inner Court himself, had been given a verbal lashing by the sect leader.

Who were they in comparison? They were nothing!

“Speak!” Cid roared. “You certainly had your way with words just now, didn’t you? Why aren’t you saying anything? Is it because the sect leader isn’t here? Must the sect leader be present before you are willing to speak?”

Violent tremors coursed through Cid’s body. He was stuck serving a harsh punishment because of this unexpected disaster. What upset him the most was the fact that his very own subordinates had broken the rules of the sect flagrantly before the sect leader.

He had no grounds to defend himself.

How could Cid not be furious?

Fergus and the other disciplines remained silent. There was no way they could say anything because there was nothing for them to say.

What else could they say?

That Ethan wasn’t a member of Clearheart Sect? It was true that he wasn’t, and the sect leader knew that all along and didn’t need them to tell him that.

Perhaps they could argue that Ethan harbored ill intentions towards Clearheart Sect. But this was someone whom the sect leader knew. It didn’t matter if Ethan harbored any ill intentions towards the sect. They were only disciples, so this was none of their business.

“Say something!” Cid bellowed. He rose to his feet. “I see. Alright. Fine. It seems that no one is talking. It seems that you don’t have anything to say for yourselves. Guards!”

He couldn’t be bothered to waste any more time on them. A dozen men marched into the hall as soon as he had called for them.

Fergus and his fellow disciples were overcome with terror.

“Fergus and his fellow disciples have broken the rules of the sect and caused offence to the sect leader. They have committed a grave offence!” Cid thundered. “In accordance with the rules of the Disciplinary Hall, these wretched creatures are to be marked as Sinners. Go, serve your sentence!”

“Mr Terrik! I…”

“It’s too late to say anything now!” Cid roared in fury.

He did not spare Fergus and the rest a single glance as the guards led them away.

They had been marked as Sinners. He knew the fate that awaited them. What made things worse was the fact that they had incurred the sect leader’s wrath. Not even a Portico disciple could escape punishment for committing such an act.

“Mr Terrik! Mr Terrik! Please spare us! Please spare us!”

“This is all Fergus’s fault. We had nothing to do with it. We didn’t…”

“Mr Terrik! Mercy, please!”

His disciples’ voices gradually faded away. Cid stood rooted to the spot. His shoulders were heaving heavily and his breathing was uneven.

Even killing Fergus and his gang wouldn’t appease his anger.

“Mr Terrik, don’t get upset. It’s not good for you.”

Cid looked up and saw Helis making his way towards him with a smile on his face. Cid snorted.

“I wanted you to speak up for me, but you said nothing. I was humiliated in front of so many people!” snapped Cid unhappily

“What could I have said?” Helis smiled. “The sect leader was angry. Nothing I say would help. Besides, your disciples were indeed foolhardy. They had the audacity to disrespect the sect leader and they broke the rules of the sect in front of the sect leader. How was I to defend you? Should I say that this has nothing to do with you?”

“Humph,” Cid scoffed. He knew very well that there had been nothing that Helis could say that would save him.

He turned and threw a glance at Helis. “Is that why you’re here? To offer an explanation?”


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