Billionaire God of War Chapter 2010

Chapter 2010

Both Cid and Helis had known each other for many years and knew each other extremely well.

Helis didn’t have to explain himself to Cid. Cid knew that very well.

“Haha,” Helis laughed. “What do you think?”

He left Cid hanging, but Cid wasn’t anxious. The punishment had already been meted out, so there was nothing more that he could say to change that.

But it had been rare for Liam to get so angry.

Liam wasn’t exactly a well-tempered man but he rarely displayed outbursts of anger, especially to the elders in the sect and the principals of the courts.

Fergus and his gang had incurred the wrath of Liam this time, and that had been unexpected.

Cid poured a cup of tea for Helis and narrowed his eyes.

“Is it because of that young punk?”

A stranger had appeared in Lacey’s courtyard suddenly without any explanation. Cid couldn’t simply feign ignorance.

That had been the only thing that had changed. It was the only thing that could have caused Liam’s outburst of anger.

Helis gave Cid a thumbs up as soon as he heard that. The gesture was followed swiftly by excessive flattery.

“This is why you’re the principal of the Inner Court. What astute observational skills. Nothing escapes you.”

Cid snorted. He relished the flattery even though he knew that the other man was going out of his way to compliment him. It still made him feel good.

“You’re right. It is because of him.”

The expression on Helis’ face shifted faintly.

He could tell that Cid’s interest was piqued. He looked around, then lowered his voice.

“Do you know who he is?”

Cid shook his head.

Why would he bother asking if he did?

“What do you think of him?” Helis asked.

Cid froze momentarily. He didn’t know the man and he knew nothing of where he had come from. How was he to judge?

“He seemed level-headed. His relationship with the sect leader seems to extend beyond the ordinary.”

That had been what he had observed.

Ethan had remained seated when Liam had turned up. No one in Clearheart Sect would have dared to do that.

There was no question that this young punk wasn’t a member of Clearheart Sect. In fact, he was probably someone important.

At the very least, he wasn’t bound by decorum when in the presence of Liam.

“Of course it does!” Helis said seriously. He lowered his voice again. “Do you think he’s a good match for Third Miss?”

Something flickered across Cid’s eyes before a look of incredulity settled on his face, as if he had heard something unexpected.

“Are you saying that he’s earned Chief O’Clear’s favor and he’s going to promise Third Miss’ hand in marriage to him?”

Cid took a deep breath. He found that quite unbelievable.

Helis raised his finger and placed it against his lips.

“Keep your voice down!” he said hastily. There was a secretive look on his face.

“You’re not joking, are you?” A hint of panic flashed across Cid’s eyes. “Where did you hear that from? Did the sect leader tell you? This punk…where does he come from?”

“Why would the sect leader tell me something like this?” Helis rolled his eyes. “I wasn’t suggesting anything. I was simply asking you if you thought that he was a good match for Third Miss. It was just a question. Don’t get too paranoid.”

Upon saying that, he leaned back, lifted his teacup to his lips and savored the tea. He blew lightly at the steaming liquid and took the opportunity to observe Cid. He seemed to be waiting for Cid to do something.

Cid had pursed his lips. He didn’t say a word. There was a strange look on his face.

It was torn between faint panic and some degree of suspicion.

He eyed Helis. “The sect leader should be the judge of whether the young punk’s a good match for Third Miss, shouldn’t he?”

Lacey was going to marry whomever her father decided that she would marry. She had no choice in the matter.

Helis merely smiled without saying a word.

“Is he going to marry Third Miss to the young punk? Tell me, is it true?” Cid asked anxiously.

“What am I supposed to tell you? I’m in no position to confirm that,” Helis replied.

He placed his teacup down.

“Alright then. I dropped by because I was in the area. It was a casual question. Don’t think too much about it. That’s all.”

He stood up, turned and left without a word.


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