Billionaire God of War Chapter 2011

Chapter 2011

Cid watched as Helis walked away. He wanted to drag him back and question him further, but he didn’t know what to ask him.

The man had made himself very clear.

The young punk wasn’t a simple character. He had gained the sect leader’s favor. He would have remained in the dark if Helis had not told him.

“This won’t do. If Third Miss does marry that young punk, then what about my…”

He frowned slightly. An icy glint flashed across his eyes, vanishing as quickly as it had appeared.

Nothing showed on his face. There was nothing but calm, and another icy glint flickered imperceptibly within his dark eyes.


Back at Lacey’s courtyard.

“Brother Ethan, we just received these fruits. Try them.”

A guard presented a basket of fruits to Ethan. The fruits had been washed and cleaned. He smiled brightly. “Please let me know if you need anything else.”

Ethan nodded slightly. “It’s alright. Focus on doing your job well. I have high hopes for you.”

The guard’s eyes lit up upon hearing the brief compliment and quickly clasped his hands together with respect. “Yes, of course. Thank you, Brother Ethan, for your advice.”

Ethan was the man who had spoken to the sect leader as an equal. He must be someone important.

They had served as Lacey’s guards for many years. They had never come across anyone who could make Lacey behave or anyone whom the sect leader had treated with as much respect.

Above all else, Ethan was young and quite good looking. No one knew how far he would go in the future.

It wouldn’t hurt for them to make a good impression now.

Ethan waved the guard away. The latter retreated to a corner immediately. He raised his chin and puffed his chest out. He seemed more alert than he had ever been.

“You’re too slow.”

Lacey was training fiercely in the distance. Her speed had increased visibly in the past few days.

She had found her own improvement miraculous.

But Ethan still found her too slow. Her failure to meet his expectations was driving her crazy.

Honestly though, she still had a long way to go before she could reach the target that Ethan had set for her.

“That cursed Ethan. That stupid Ethan. Where the hell did you come from? Did the gods send you here to make me suffer?” Lacey cursed secretly. She dared not voice a word of complaint though. “Humph. There’s nothing I can do to you, but there must be someone else who can!”

She didn’t know that there was only one person in this world who could do that and it wasn’t her.

“You’re still too slow. Are you trying to fail the test?”

“I’m going to wash my hands off you if that’s the case. You’re a disappointment.”

“You call yourself Third Miss when you can’t even get something so simple done? Who do you think you’re embarrassing? Not me, definitely.”

Ethan wouldn’t stop talking. Lacey was ready to blow up, but she had to fight to keep her anger under control.

Control. Control. Control!

She couldn’t make him mad now. At least not now.

Lacey muttered secretly to herself, spewing curses at Ethan in her head as she quickened her pace.

She was doing this because of the impending test. She wouldn’t be so accommodating otherwise.

She was the sect leader’s daughter, so why should she listen to Ethan? Why should she accord him any respect? He didn’t deserve it.

Her fist shot forward and sent the sandbag flying across the training ground!

A female servant stood outside the gates. Panic and worry lined her face. She didn’t want to disrupt Lacey’s training. But if she didn’t, something worse might happen.

“Third Miss!”

She decided to speak in the end. Her voice was fraught with anxiety.

Lacey turned and looked when she heard the servant’s voice. She frowned slightly. She was in the middle of her training.

But she saw that it was the servant closest to her. This servant knew her temperament the best and wouldn’t disrupt her training unless there was an emergency.

Lacey stopped in the middle of her training. She turned, gave Ethan a look and feigned a look of anger. It seemed to be a hint. She was telling Ethan that she was going to take a break now.

She walked up to the servant. “What is it? Hurry up and tell me.”

“Third Miss, something terrible has happened. There are…there are rumors spreading outside. They’re smearing your good name!”


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