Billionaire God of War Chapter 2016

Chapter 2016

Hadn’t they passed the test ages ago?

Lacey froze.

“What’s wrong?” Ethan asked when he caught the look on Lacey’s face.

“Those people over there…” Her eyes stared at the disciples standing in front of Cid.

They were nodding profusely but she had no idea what they were talking about. She stared at their moving lips and managed to figure out that they were going to take part in the test today too. “They’ve already passed the test. In fact, I’m quite sure they’ve earned a place in the Portico. Why are they taking the test again?”

She didn’t quite understand what was going on. Then, it struck her.

They didn’t want her to pass the test!

This was a test not only of ability but of luck.

Only the top three participants in the whole batch would be recognized as winners. These three disciples were clearly more powerful than she was.

Their participation in this test…

Lacey took a deep breath. Fury surged within her. She wanted to march right up to them and demand to know what they were trying to do. Why had they signed up for the test?

“It doesn’t matter who your opponent is. You’re not going to lose,” Ethan said mildly as she took a step forward. “Their participation will turn out to be in your favor. It’s going to be so much better if you beat them up and prove yourself.”

Lacey turned and stared for Ethan for a long five seconds.

She gradually calmed down, then nodded. Her eyes had grown brighter and the light within glowed with a fierce determination.

Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the field, Cid looked at his most competent students and nodded.

“Do you know what to do?”

“Yes, Mr Terrik. This is going to be a piece of cake. We’ll win the top three positions and show them what the Inner Court is made of.”

“That’s right. This batch of juniors aren’t very strong. We won’t let ourselves turn into the laughingstock of the sect. We’ll do our best!”

“Please rest assured. We won’t embarrass the Inner Court.”

The three disciples looked at the spectators in the stands. They clearly didn’t want their guests to look down on the Inner Court.

The presence of visitors meant that their performance was going to not only reflect on the Inner Court but on Clearheart Sect as well.

“Alright, I have faith in all of you,” Cid nodded with a smile and gave them another dose of encouragement. “Show them how gifted the young generation of Clearheart Sect disciples are.”

“We will!” the three disciples shouted in unison.

Having said that, they left to prepare themselves for the test. Cid stood there with his eyes narrowed and a wide smile on his face.

With the three of them participating in the test, Lacey wouldn’t be able to get into the top three positions even if she were to pass the test. Her passing the test would be meaningless then.

A girl who was talentless, who had no future in the sect and didn’t even share blood relations with the sect leader had no value beyond being married off and exchanged for resources.

His current efforts would pay off if Lacey was successfully married so that one of his own could be given legitimate status in the Clearheart Sect.

The other elders were likely watching and waiting. Everything was going to change if this move succeeded.

“Clearheart Sect has had its moments of glory, but it’s struggling to survive now.” Cid shook his head. There was a look of scorn and disdain on his face. “The mountain gate will only open if Clearheart Sect falls. The world beyond the mountain…”

Greed colored his eyes. The depth of his hunger was one that no one had ever witnessed before.

They had never seen the world outside the mountain. But they knew from various legends that the world outside was filled with treasures. Invaluable resources that drove one mad with lust could be found everywhere…

If not for the mountain gate, no one could stop them from entering that world.

Cid turned and took a look at Lacey.

She was the first step to their way out.

The war drums sounded again.

The test had officially commenced.

Liam didn’t waste any time at all. He told Helis and his men to make the necessary preparations while he sat there and entertained his guests.

Helis stood in the arena. He and Liam exchanged a look and nodded at each other. His voice rang out clearly. “Let’s begin!”

The first team got into the arena.

Clearheart Sect’s test was a simple one. It consisted of a foundational examination as well as an actual match.


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