Billionaire God of War Chapter 2017

Chapter 2017

It was the simplest and most straightforward manner of assessing one’s ability.

The foundational examination was extremely simple. Most people could pass it. But an actual match required actual fighting and actual skill. One also required luck.

The opponents that Lacey had been paired with previously had all been extremely powerful. She had suffered a thorough defeat every time.

She had protested to Liam previously. He had known that they had targeted her and allocated her overpowering opponents, but he had never said a word about that. All he had done had been to rebuke her for not working hard enough and for not being strong enough.

Now, Lacey finally understood some of the reason behind her father’s actions.

The first match ended swiftly.

The outcome of the match was revealed within a few exchanges after the two fighters had gotten into the arena.

The crowd gasped. Their eyes were filled with adoration and envy as they stared at the person in the arena.

“Senior Marcel is simply too powerful. He didn’t have to take this test at all.”

“That’s right! Senior Marcel and his fellow disciples have been guaranteed a place in the Portico. They’re participating in the test so that the visitors from outside our sect can see what the Inner Court is made of!”

“But the rest of the participants won’t stand a chance against them. What a pity!”

Everyone around Lacey were in heated discussions. She merely frowned but didn’t seem affected at all.

She stared fixedly at the man in the arena. She knew that she was going to have to fight him and his fellow disciples sooner or later.

She was going to defeat them all!

Ethan sat next to Lacey. There was no hint of emotion on his face. He had remained composed since the test had started. It was as if he was the audience to a group of children fooling around with one another.

He didn’t pay any attention to Lacey.

He took a look at Marcel Eaton in the arena and shook his head.

“Is this all that the people inside the mountain have got to show for themselves?”

Ethan had previously guessed that the fighters inside the mountain should be relatively powerful. The cemetery caretaker had told him that there were many powerful and skilled fighters residing within the mountain and that the extent of their fighting prowess was unimaginable.

It was clear that these disciples were of a different league from those powerful fighters that the caretaker had referred to.

They could probably qualify as advanced grandmasters and make a name for themselves in the world outside the mountain. But they still had a long way to go before they were Ethan’s match.

Of course, they weren’t a match for Ethan now, who was a master of the Extreme Fist Technique. But their standards were so low that they wouldn’t even beat Ethan before he had learned the Extreme Fist Technique.

“The next team. Lacey versus Reuben!”

Helis announced Lacey’s name loudly.

Lacey trembled slightly. It was her turn!

Finally, her turn had come.

She clenched her fists, then turned and looked at Ethan.

Ethan held a cup out and poured her a cup of tea. “It’s a little hot. Drink it when you’re done with this match.”

Lacey’s eyes reddened slightly.

Her past hardly mattered now. During the brief time that she had spent with Ethan, the man had never lost faith in her. He had never stopped encouraging her. He had taught her to be confident in herself.

He had never said that she wouldn’t be able to make it. He had always believed from the very beginning that she would not lose.

She bit her lips and made her way slowly into the arena. Standing across from her was Reuben Gaines. There was a smile on his face and he seemed relieved.

His opponent for his first match was Lacey, so his first victory should come easily. It wouldn’t matter if he were to lose to Marcel or the other two stronger disciples later since there was no shame in losing to them.

“I’m in luck,”Reuben Gaines said softly. “Dear junior, don’t take this too hard.”

Lacey didn’t say a word. She simply stood there. She gave Reuben Gaines a look, then raised her arms gradually and got into position.

Reuben paused at the sight of her composure. He had a feeling that he wasn’t being taken seriously as an opponent and his face darkened.

“Humph,”Reuben snorted. He slammed his foot into the ground and dashed forward. “Dear junior, here I come!”

His fist shot forward in a fierce, powerful punch!

He showed no mercy. His first attack was also his most powerful.

He knew Lacey’s weakness. She wasn’t going to be able to dodge his attack.

She was going to be defeated by this attack.


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