Billionaire God of War Chapter 2018

Chapter 2018

Reuben moved as swiftly as lightning.

“He’s really fast!”

“Senior Reuben isn’t showing Third Miss any mercy at all.”

“Third Miss is going to lose the fight again. Such a pity.”

The crowd couldn’t help but comment on the fight.

They weren’t truly sorry for Lacey. In fact, there was a hint of malicious glee in their voices.

They didn’t want anyone else to get ahead of them—especially someone like Lacey. She was simply someone who had the fortune of being adopted by the sect leader. Why should she have access to better resources than they did?

They might not have minded as much if Lacey was an utter stranger. But she was someone whom they knew and lived with. The envy could drive one mad.

Ethan was the only person who remained calm.

Wisps of steam rose steadily from the teacup before him.

Meanwhile, in the arena, Reuben Gaines was already right in front of Lacey. His fist flew towards Lacey’s shoulder.

He had Lacey cornered. No matter how she evaded, she wouldn’t be able to dodge the attack.

“My apologies!”

He surged forward, his movement speeding up suddenly as he got within punching distance.

The crowd was stunned. Reuben wasn’t showing any mercy at all.

He wasn’t going to give Lacey a chance to retaliate or escape.

The image of Lacey’s utter defeat as she was hit squarely by Reuben before flying out of the arena appeared in everyone’s mind…


Just as Reuben appeared right before Lacey and his fist was about to land on Lacey’s shoulder, she moved!

Her shoulder shifted. The slightest of movement resulted in Reuben missing and hitting air instead.

Such incredible agility!

Reuben was stunned. He had no idea what had just happened. How…how had she managed to dodge his attack?

Her feet hadn’t budged a single inch. How had she managed to dodge his attack with a slight shift of her shoulder?

This…this was impossible!

Before Reuben could make his next move, Lacey’s arm shifted, shooting up and sending a swift uppercut that smashed squarely into Reuben’s jaw without any warning.


The blow landed forcefully.

She attacked like a ferocious lioness. The full force of her fury which she had repressed for so very long was injected into her punch.

A loud scream of agony pierced the air. The attack sent Reuben flying into the air, spinning a few rounds before landing heavily on the ground.

His jaw was mis-shapen and the bone had split. Blood sputtered from his mouth and splattered everywhere.

A deathly silence descended upon the crowd.

Everyone gaped. Some started to rub their eyes. They couldn’t believe what they had just seen.

Had they…just experienced a hallucination?

Had Reuben truly been defeated?

He must have been defeated since he was lying prone on the ground with his body spasming as blood streamed from his mouth. He couldn’t even scream. His face was almost twisted out of shape.

Marcel Eaton and his fellow disciples were dumbstruck. They were well aware of Reuben’s abilities. The three of them should have been the only ones who could have defeated him so effortlessly.

How did Lacey manage to achieve such a drastic improvement in such a short period of time?

Her first dodge had been extremely fluid. It had been a fine display of her agility. They were overcome with emotion as they carefully recalled the details of that particular move.

Cid was equally shocked. He couldn’t believe it. In fact, he wasn’t sure if he could have accomplished such an evasion.

Suspicion flickered in his eyes but he crushed it instantly. It was impossible. She couldn’t have improved so much within such a short period of time. Not even if Liam instructed her personally.

Was it because of him?

Cid’s eyes fell on Ethan.

He watched as Ethan sipped calmly at his tea and frowned slightly. He had not paid any attention to Ethan since the man had first appeared in the sect. In fact, he had disregarded him completely. His disregard had remained even after Helis had told him that the sect leader was eying to have Ethan as his son-in-law.

It appeared that he might have underestimated Ethan.

Ethan seemed too young to be that dangerous though. He wasn’t a member of the Clearheart Sect either. Who exactly was this man?


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