Billionaire God of War Chapter 2029

Chapter 2029

“You want me to defeat you?” Ethan eyed Marcel, then shook his head. “Not interested.”

Marcel nearly blew up when he saw the look of utter indifference on Ethan’s face.

“I wish to challenge you to a fight!” he roared. Before Ethan had the chance to turn down his challenge, he marched into the arena. His eyes never left Ethan.

Everyone’s eyes shot towards Ethan instantly.

They had no idea who this young man was and where he had come from. But they had seen how friendly he was with Lacey. He wasn’t any ordinary person.

Marcel had stepped into the arena. Would Ethan dare to accept his challenge?

Helis’ lips curled upward faintly. He gazed up and looked at Liam. The latter nodded slightly, so Helis didn’t step in and stop Marcel.

He was interested to find out more about this guest of theirs who had come from outside the mountain too.

They had not seen Ethan fight, so they had no idea if he were truly a strong fighter.

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on Ethan.

Lacey was eyeing Ethan curiously too.

“Honestly, he’s quite strong,” she said pointedly. “You might make a fool of yourself if you accept his challenge. Maybe you should turn him down.”

What a clumsy attempt at provocation.

Ethan ignored Lacey completely.

He rose to his feet, folded his hands behind his back and strolled leisurely towards the arena.

Ethan knew that Liam was watching. His guests were watching too. So were the disciples of Clearheart Sect.

He walked slowly and showed no signs of panic at all. In fact, he didn’t even lift his head and look Marcel in the eye. It was as if Marcel had nothing to do with what he was doing.

“Come on!” Marcel growled furiously. He was growing impatient. “Hurry up!”

No matter what he said, Ethan’s pace never picked up. He wasn’t concerned about the ruckus that Marcel was making.

He had his own pace.

The ordinary audience did not notice anything strange at all. But Helis and others who were more discerning reeled back with shock as they watched Ethan make his way to the arena.

The steady steps that he was making might seem irregular and taken thoughtlessly, but contrary to that, every step was a beat to an extraordinary tune and a heavy blow hammering on their chest.

This was astounding.

How was this possible?

The look on Helis’ face grew increasingly solemn. He could see the shifts in the looks on the faces of Cid and the elders.

Ethan wasn’t trying to conceal his true strength at all.

What was he planning to do?

Ethan stepped into the arena.

All Marcel could sense was something odd in the air. The air had thickened suddenly with a heaviness that slowed his breathing and his movements.

It was a strange sensation. But he didn’t believe that this had anything to do with Ethan.

“I can’t believe you had the guts to accept my challenge. What a surprise!” Marcel sneered. “You’re an arrogant fool. You’re going to pay the price for your ignorance.”

Ethan’s hands remained folded behind his back as he stood tall and straight. He looked at Marcel coolly, then slid one arm out from behind his back slowly.

“What’s the meaning of this?”

Alarm flashed across Marcel’s face. Why had Ethan stuck one hand out?

Did he truly believe that he could win Marcel with only one hand?

“Hurry up. My tea is getting cold,” Ethan said.

“You’re asking for it!”

The most even-tempered person would have blown up after being insulted repeatedly by Ethan. How could he take this lying down?

Marcel sent his fist shooting forward furiously, unleashing the full extent of his power in an instant.

“Go to hell!”

Fury threatened to burn him alive. His eyes saw nothing but Ethan. All he wanted right now was to crush Ethan into dust and satiate his anger.

The attack sent everyone reeling back in shock.

What a terrifying attack!

Was Marcel trying to kill Ethan?

He was. He was going to kill Ethan!

He had unleashed a fatal attack.

“Marcel, stop!” shouted Helis.

This was Clearheart Sect’s most powerful attack and Marcel had mastered it. But he shouldn’t be using it in a friendly match.

Helis had taken one step forward and was about to stop Marcel when he froze.

Marcel…had just been flung into the air!


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