Billionaire God of War Chapter 2030

Chapter 2030

A deafening boom resounded in the air.

Marcel had been sent flying.

This time, he wasn’t knocked out of the arena like how he had been by Lacey. This time, he had lost his balance completely. He screamed in pain as he spun a few times in the air.

Then, with a loud thud, he slammed heavily into the ground.

Dead silence descended upon the crowd.

One could hear a pin land on the ground.

A few people had opened their mouths, ready to crow that Ethan was going to die in the arena. But before they had been able to say a word, Marcel had been sent flying into the air.

How…how could this be possible?

Everything had happened too quickly. They hadn’t even seen what Ethan had done. How had Marcel…

Meanwhile, Ethan was still standing in the arena. His hands were folded behind his back. He was as still as a statue.

In fact, he had not moved since the fight had started.

“That was an extremely swift attack,” said Helis after a long moment of intense stillness and concentration.

He had been ready to step in to stop Marcel from injuring Ethan. He had not expected Marcel to be the one who would be injured.

How terrifying!

The rest might not have seen what had happened because of how far they were away from the arena but he had been standing relatively nearer the arena. He had seen the moment when Ethan had attacked. He had struck as swiftly as lightning!

There was only one thought that occupied his mind now.

He was simply too fast.

He wouldn’t have been able to react in time to that attack. Ethan was…extremely powerful.

He arrived at a conclusion but shook his head after further thought. His judgment was flawed.

Marcel hadn’t been Ethan’s match at all. Ethan had defeated Marcel effortlessly with a single attack.

Ethan was completely out of Marcel’s league. Marcel wasn’t qualified in any way to discern exactly how powerful Ethan was.

Marcel’s face was filled with stupor. He sat on the ground and put his hand on his chest. The strength of that punch could have easily shattered his ribs. But all he had felt had been a faint pain.

How…how was that possible?

He had thought that he was going to die when he had felt that overwhelming power rushing at him.

Ethan’s punch could have shattered his ribs and crushed his heart.

But as soon as his fist had landed on Marcel’s chest, the power behind the punch had vanished without a trace. Only the slightest force remained and sent him flying out of the arena.

He whipped his head up and stared unblinkingly at Ethan. The terror in his eyes was clear as day.

A vast chasm separated him from Ethan. That was the only way Ethan had been able to control the force behind his punch so effortlessly.

It would have been a piece of cake for Ethan to kill him.

But he hadn’t.

He couldn’t be bothered to kill him.

He had nearly killed Lacey, but Ethan hadn’t tried to kill him. He hadn’t even injured him severely.

He had suffered two defeats in this single match. He had lost in terms of both power and moral character.

“I…I’m such an embarrassment to myself.”

Marcel flushed deeply as he lowered his head and discontent stirred inside him. Yet, he couldn’t say a single word.

Ethan didn’t say anything as well.

He didn’t mock or scorn him. He didn’t insult him. He didn’t say one word. There was no need for it.

With his hands folded behind his back, he made his way down the arena slowly. The leisurely indifference that he exuded marked him clearly as a powerful figure.

The crowd was silent. No one said anything.

They were breathing carefully, as if they dared not make a single sound.

They were still reeling from what they had just witnessed.

Ethan walked away from the arena and headed towards Lacey. He reached out and patted Lacey because she was still caught in a dazed stupor.

“Come on, let’s go.”

He only had to perform that one move. That had been enough.

Ethan didn’t care what happened after that.

Ethan led Lacey away. He didn’t care who topped the ranking in the end. Lacey had proven herself. He had nothing more to prove.

Helis exchanged a look with Liam after he watched Ethan and Lacey leave.

He was going to pretend that nothing had happened. But he knew that the other elders in the sect weren’t going to do the same.


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