Billionaire God of War Chapter 2031

Chapter 2031

“Who might that be?” The man who was seated next to Liam blurted out with an equal measure of shock.

He knew the extent of Marcel’s abilities. In comparison, Ethan had shown himself to be overwhelmingly powerful.

He didn’t seem that much older than Marcel.

He didn’t recall such a young talent in Clearheart Sect.

“Him?” Liam smiled lightly. He didn’t seem fazed at all. “He’s the man who’s earned the favor of my daughter, my future son-in-law who’s going to marry into Clearheart Sect.”

This man was going to marry into the Clearheart Sect?

“He had been abandoned by another sect and I took him in. I didn’t expect him and my daughter to develop feelings for each other,” Liam laughed. “I can’t interfere with their romance. It’s their life, after all. I’m not going to break up a happy couple.”

He didn’t seem to notice the strained looks on a few of his guests’ faces. His voice was filled with unconcealed approval as he kept on talking.

It sounded a lot like bragging.

He could have bragged about anything. Why was he bragging about his future son-in-law?

Had he forgotten the purpose of their arrival? They had come to seek his daughter’s hand in marriage on behalf of their young master. Wasn’t it inappropriate to sing Ethan’s praises to them?

“What do you think, Elder Jorge?”

Liam glanced at the elder and smiled.

The expression on Elder Jorge Eaton’s face froze.

He was part of the convoy who had come to seek Lacey’s hand in marriage and they had already informed Liam of their intentions. But from what Liam had said so far, it appeared that he was going to turn down their proposal.

“He’s indeed an extraordinary man with exceptional talent,” Elder Jorge Eaton laughed. “But he might not be a good fit for Third Miss. Our young master grew up with Third Miss. They were childhood playmates. His talent and skill are equal to the young man’s.”

Since Liam had made his point very clearly, Elder Jorge Eaton didn’t see the need for tact anymore.

Liam seemed to have expected such words from him. He laughed loudly and shrugged. “Let the young folks deal with their own matters. We should stay out of this.”

He was telling them that he wasn’t going to interfere with Lacey’s marriage. He wasn’t going to allow the elders from Titan Sect to interfere either.

What was the meaning of this?

Was he demanding the young master of their sect to request Lacey’s hand in marriage in person? He must think very highly of himself!

Elder Jorge didn’t say another word. But you could tell from the look on his face that he was clearly displeased.

He turned and gave Cid a look. The latter was standing a distance away and obviously in a foul mood as well.

He wasn’t bothered about Marcel’s defeat. That wasn’t going to affect his plan. However, the powerful punch that Ethan had unleashed had been a shattering blow to the Inner Court’s reputation.

It had damaged his reputation as well.

His words used to carry some weight. Marcel’s defeat gave Liam an opportunity to undermine his authority. Liam wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass.

Elder Jorge and Liam stopped talking. What else could they say to each other?

The message that Liam had sent them had been loud and clear.

They had to get rid of Ethan if they wanted to earn Lacey’s hand in marriage and secure a place in the Clearheart Sect through this marriage.

Where did Ethan come from?

Cid had never seen or heard of him before. He had materialized out of nowhere and appeared in Clearheart Sect suddenly. His sudden appearance was too bizarre for Cid’s comfort.

Meanwhile, Helis turned up at Lacey’s courtyard shortly after Lacey and Ethan had returned.

He was smiling. With his chin slightly raised and his hands folded behind his back, his mannerisms appeared contrived.

“The sect leader would like to reward you for your efforts,” he declared loudly. “Ethan, step forward and receive your due reward.”

Ethan remained seated in his rattan chair. He looked up and glanced casually at Helis. There was no hint of happiness on his face. He wasn’t going to get on his feet or get down on his knees.

He knew that the two wily foxes had begun to make plans for him. They were going to use him for their own ends.

“If you have anything to say, just say it,” Ethan said coolly.


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