Billionaire God of War Chapter 2032

Chapter 2032

Helis smiled sheepishly. He didn’t seem fazed by the frosty look on Ethan’s face.

“Third Miss has shown a marked improvement in the latest test. Chief O’Clear wishes to thank you for your hard work.”

He clapped his hands and summoned his men. They entered the courtyard carrying chests with them.

Lacey was stunned at the sight.

She would have been satisfied with a few words of praises from her father for passing the test.

Why was her father rewarding Ethan instead?

Ethan had helped her with her training, but he hardly deserved such a generous reward.

She watched as a dozen chests were brought into her courtyard and placed on the ground with a loud thud. The meeting of heavy chests and the ground sent dust flying in the air. What were these chests filled with?

“I won’t list the contents of the chests. They are simple gifts. I doubt you’d be interested in listening to me list them out one by one.” Helis shrugged. “I’ve delivered the gifts. I will take my leave now and return to my duties.”

Having said that, he turned and started to make his way out.

“Hold on,” Ethan shouted.

Helis turned and smiled. “What’s wrong? Do you need me to deliver a message to the sect leader?”

“I didn’t do anything to deserve these gifts,” Ethan said mildly. “They must be extremely valuable. It’s going to be tough for me to return you something of equal value in the future if I were to accept these gifts now.”

“Then don’t,” Helis said. “This is meant to be a reward. Chief O’Clear is happy as long as the both of you are happy together.”

He was insinuating something.

Lacey didn’t have to be a genius to realize that there was something odd with what Helis had just said.

“Hold on!”

Lacey was the one who yelled at Helis this time. She grabbed his sleeve and stopped him in his tracks.

“What’s the meaning of this? What did you mean when you told us to be happy together? And why would my father be happy about that?” She grew increasingly agitated as she spoke.

Did they take her for a fool?

She was young, not stupid.

“Third Miss, I’m simply carrying out the sect leader’s instructions. I have no idea what he’s thinking,” Helis smiled politely. “Why don’t you ask him?”

“Let’s go then.”

Ethan rose to his feet. Lacey was taken aback.

Why was he tagging along?

He was going to make things more complicated.

“No, I meant…”

“Let’s go.”

Ethan strode off. Helis seemed to have expected this to happen. He didn’t seem surprised at all.

He led the way while Ethan followed him. Lacey hurried after them. There were a few times when she wondered hesitantly if she should ask what was going on.

But Ethan didn’t have a clue and Helis wasn’t telling. The only person whom she was going to get her answers from was her father.

They reached the Sect Leader’s residence within no time.

Before Lacey could seek out her father, Helis raised his arm before her and stopped her in her path.

“Third Miss, Chief O’Clear is busy, so he can’t see you now.” He turned towards Ethan then. “This way, please.”

Lacey gaped at him speechlessly.

Hadn’t he just said that her father was busy?

He had no time for her, but he had time for Ethan?

She wondered who his real child was.

“Hey! Hey!” she yelled after Helis and Ethan. They ignored her.

Ethan followed Helis into the residence.

Lacey stomped her foot in frustration. She wanted to barge right in, but this was the sect leader’s residence. Her status as Third Miss didn’t matter to the guards at the gates. She wouldn’t be able to shoulder the consequences of entering the residence without permission.

All she could do was watch as Ethan disappeared behind the doors.


These people had gone too far!

This was an important matter and she was the main party concerned. Yet she didn’t even get the chance to speak to her father and ask him what was going on. Ethan had been let into his residence instead.

How did he get involved in the first place?

The thought sent heat rushing to Lacey’s ears. This was ridiculous.

She barely knew Ethan.

How could her father let her…this wasn’t proper at all.

They barely knew each other at all.

Lacey’s thoughts began to wander as she paced in front of the gates.

Meanwhile, Liam was sitting in his study when Ethan walked in. He looked up and beckoned him over.

Helis shut the doors behind Ethan immediately, leaving him and Liam alone in the room.

Ethan made himself at home and found himself a seat. He exchanged a look with Liam.

“I have a few conditions,” he said openly. He didn’t mince his words at all. He spoke as if he had known Liam for years. There was no need for courtesies between old friends. “Fulfill these conditions and I’ll help you. If you don’t, you can forget about getting my help.”


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