Billionaire God of War Chapter 2037

Chapter 2037

So, Ethan was simply a tool.

It seemed that Liam had not yet decided who was going to succeed him as the next sect leader.

The better brother who performed better and won Liam’s approval would become the next leader of Clearheart Sect.

Gareth O’Clear snorted at Tegan’s retreating back. He knew that his elder brother had always looked down on him. His elder brother was convinced that Gareth wasn’t qualified to vie for the position of sect leader with him. But Gareth thought otherwise.

As long as the successor’s position remained up for grabs, he still had a chance of becoming the next sect leader.

In fact, he believed that he deserved the position more than Tegan O’Clear did. He suited the role better. He was the right person to succeed his father as the next sect leader.

“I’m the one who’ll lead Clearheart Sect into its next era of glory!” Gareth snorted, then turned and walked away.

Liam sighed in his study.

The tea in his cup had gone cold.

He had stopped drinking it. His mind was filled with the image of his two sons and the act that they had put up for him earlier.

He didn’t know where he had gone wrong. Why had they turned out this way?

They were blind to the responsibilities and duties that they should be shouldering. They had no cause to live for. They had no idea what they, as his sons, should rightly feel for Clearheart Sect.

Instead, they treated the sect as a trophy.

“A hard lesson and a little suffering might do them some good.” Liam gritted his teeth.

He had been reluctant to grant Ethan too much power because he was worried that he might not be able to rein in Ethan. But it seemed that Ethan had never been within his sphere of control.

He still knew little about the man who had come from beyond the mountains. He wouldn’t have allowed this outsider to interfere with the matters of Clearheart Sect if he had a choice. This was his last resort.

He desperately wanted to know what Ethan intended to do.

How was he going to cleanse the sect of its foul corruption?

Liam knew that his two sons were not the only ones eyeing his position. There were many pairs of eyes watching him very closely.

He wasn’t going to do anything. He was going to let Ethan figure out what to do. Even if Ethan were to fail, it wouldn’t be a huge loss to him.

Meanwhile, Jorge Eaton and a few other elders sat in the hall of Cid’s residence.

They were alone.

The matters that they were about to discuss had to be kept a secret. No one else could know.

“We can’t allow this to happen,” Elder Jorge said bluntly. “Cid, you have to think of something and stop this from happening. I don’t care who Ethan is. Make him disappear.”

“I know.”

Cid gritted his teeth.

Ethan, the man who had mysteriously appeared in the sect, had somehow ended up with Third Miss.

They had not expected this at all.

“The sect leader clearly hired him so that he has an excuse to turn down the Eaton family’s proposal,” he scoffed. “Don’t worry. Third Miss is going to marry into the Eaton family. I’m a member of the Eaton family, so I’m on your side.”

His sister had married into the Eaton family. The Eaton family was the only power that he could depend on now.

Clearheart Sect was in its decline. Who knew how long it was going to last? Cid wasn’t an idiot. He wasn’t going to bind his fate to that of Clearheart Sect.

But what should he do now?

“I await your good news. Ethan must die,” said Jorge. “I doubt that Liam’s going to find another fiancé for his daughter after Ethan dies.”

The best way to get rid of a problem was to eliminate the person causing the problem.

Elder Jorge’s approach to problems was surprisingly similar to Ethan’s.

Of course, he didn’t know that no one had ever succeeded in getting rid of Ethan and that all who had incurred Ethan’s wrath had paid a terrible price for it.

All of them exchanged a look with one another. The cold glint of greed flashed across their eyes.

Clearheart Sect hunted prey on its last legs. Their plan was to find themselves an ideal spot and wait. As soon as Clearheart Sect fell to its knees, they would lunge at its dying body, sink their teeth in and strip its flesh from its bones.


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