Billionaire God of War Chapter 2038

Chapter 2038

Clearheart Sect was only the beginning. Everyone knew that they were aiming for more than just Clearheart Sect.

There were others in the mountain who had their eyes on Clearheart Sect as well. They had to make the first move. Otherwise, they would find it tough to secure resources for themselves in the future.

“Don’t worry, I’ll deal with this,” said Cid. “The sect leader isn’t going to budge easily. But if Ethan were to die…”

A streak of viciousness flashed across his eyes.

Elder Jorge nodded.

“We will remain in Clearheart Sect for a few more days. We look forward to what you have planned.”

They exchanged looks with one another. Everyone was in the same boat now. If they failed, they would have to suffer the consequences together. Greatness could only be achieved if they stayed united.

Cid escorted the elders out of his residence, then headed for his study. After some time, someone pushed the door to his study open quietly and entered the room.

“Mr Cid.”

It was Marcel.

He didn’t look very well.

He had been humiliated by his defeat at the hands of Lacey.

Then, he had been defeated with a single blow during his fight with Ethan. He had dug his own grave and suffered a second round of humiliation. News of his repeated defeats had spread throughout the Inner Court and Outer Court.

Marcel had become the laughingstock of the sect.

Even though he had secured a place in the Portico and was going to be made a Portico disciple, the news didn’t make him feel any better.

“Are you still fuming?” Cid laughed. “Did you feel embarrassed about being defeated by Ethan in front of so many people?”

Marcel didn’t say a word. The look on his face told Cid everything.

“I have something that might make you feel better.”

Marcel’s pupils contracted. “What do you mean by that?”

“Do you wish him dead?”

Marcel’s heart began to race when he heard what Cid had said.

He did. He wanted to kill Ethan. But he had heard the news spreading in the sect. Ethan was going to be Liam’s son-in-law and Lacey’s husband.

He dared not touch Ethan.

Liam would be furious if Ethan died. He wouldn’t know what to do if Liam decided to look into Ethan’s death.

He might be angry, but he wasn’t insane. This wasn’t worth him risking his life.

“He’s offended someone.” Cid knew what Marcel was worried about and snorted derisively. “There are plenty of people who want him dead. Next to them, you’re nobody.”

Cid was trying to assure Marcel that even if Liam were to fly into a rage over Ethan’s death, he wouldn’t be the one who would suffer the sect leader’s rage.

There were many people who wanted Ethan dead. Liam would have to go through all of them first and wouldn’t have time for Marcel.

This should have upset Marcel, but cheered him up instead.

“He’s too full of himself. People like him make enemies easily,” Marcel scoffed.

He wasn’t an idiot. He wasn’t going to ask who wanted Ethan dead.

If Cid wanted Ethan dead too, that meant that someone in the upper echelons of Clearheart Sect wanted Ethan gone.

Marcel was vaguely aware of the current situation in Clearheart Sect. Every elder had set up their own faction and were fighting one another to further their interest.

Liam’s sons were doing the same. It was every man for himself.

“You don’t have to worry about being found out. What you do need to worry about is whether you have the ability to kill Ethan.”

A murderous glow filled Marcel’s eyes instantly.

“That’s not going to be a problem.”

He hadn’t unleashed his most powerful move during his fight with Ethan. In fact, he had not given everything that he had in that match.

Ethan wouldn’t be his match in a real fight. Marcel was sure of it.

“I’m glad that you’re so confident of your chances.” Cid pulled out a bottle from his pocket. “There’s poison in this bottle. It might come useful. Do a good job and don’t leave any evidence behind. You only have one chance to get this done.”

He handed the bottle to Marcel silently.

Marcel studied the bottle in his hands, then tucked it away carefully. He cupped his fists, turned and left.


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